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Version 0.30: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Hailstorm.png Hailstorm
Level 4
School1 Conjuration
School2 Ice
Source(s) Book of Frost
Book of the Tundra
Casting noise 4
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 100
Range 3
Flags Area
Conjures a cannonade of hail. The eye of the storm is wide enough that monsters adjacent to the caster are unaffected. Due to the strong impact and cutting edges a significant portion of its damage bypasses cold resistance.
Spell Details
Damage Formula 3d(3.33+Power/6)
Max Damage 3d20
Max Power 100
Range 2-3
Targeting Area
To-hit 9 + Power/10

Hailstorm is a Level 3 Conjurations/Ice Magic spell that drops hail on all tiles that are 2-3 spaces away from the caster (marked with 'x'):


Hailstorm deals 50% cold damage. 50% of the damage is physical, which makes it usable against creatures with cold immunity (like ice beasts or simulacra).

Reavers start with this spell in their libraries.


  • Hailstorm has excellent synergy with Frozen Ramparts and Ozocubu's Armor.
  • Cigotuvi's Dreadful Rot, Iskenderun's Mystic Blast, Fedhas Madash's Wall of Briars, and other abilities that can prevent enemies from closing to melee range are excellent choices for keeping your targets right in the line of fire. It's even better if you can contrive to stand just inside the entrance to a corridor, meaning the bulk of the spell will hit everything beyond the single tile monsters can hit you from.
  • If the opportunity presents itself, allowing weaker enemies to stand next to you will force stronger ones to stand helplessly 2-3 tiles away. Be warned; strong pack creatures or intelligent monsters can generally force their way to the front, so this tactic may not always work.
  • While Hailstorm is most useful when fighting large groups of monsters, don't forget that it deals perfectly respectable damage; using it against even a single target can prove worthwhile.


  • Prior to 0.30, Hailstorm was a level 4 spell. It did not have a chance to miss. Also, it was 45% resistible.
  • Prior to 0.27, Hailstorm didn't affect creatures made entirely out of ice - ice beasts, ice statues, and simulacra.
  • Hailstorm was added in 0.25, replacing Throw Icicle in player spell lists.