Frozen Ramparts

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Version 0.25: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
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Frozen ramparts.png Frozen Ramparts
Level 3
School1 Ice
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 8
Encases surrounding walls enchanted ice for a short time. Victims that wander near the icy walls will be frozen, but the caster and any allies can pass safely.

Frozen Ramparts is a Level 3 Ice Magic spell that covers all walls within 2 tiles of the caster with ice. These ice-covered walls will inflict cold damage on any monster that stands next to them (similar to slime-covered walls). The caster and their allies are immune to the spell's effects.


Frozen Ramparts deals significant damage over its duration, but it requires keeping your enemies next to walls. It is most effective in corridors, but does okay in semi-open areas so long as you can still position your foe(s) next to a wall. Do note that despite their similarity to walls, trees are not affected by Frozen Ramparts, making the spell of little use in forested areas like the Swamp.

Similar to Freeze, Frozen Ramparts ignores evasion and can slow cold-blooded creatures, making it useful for fighting both highly evasive enemies like killer bees and slowing down dangerous reptiles like hydras or anacondas.


Frozen Ramparts will be added in 0.25.