Ice devil

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ice devil 3Ice devil.png
HP 42 - 78
HD 11
XP 790
Speed 10
AC 12
EV 10
MR 88
Attack1 16 (hit: cold)

Type of Meat None
Resistances rPois+, rC+, rN+, rTorm, rRot
Vulnerabilities Fire, Holy
Habitat land
Intelligence High
Uses Open doors
Holiness Demonic
Size Medium
Type ice devil, ice devil
Flags Evil
A man-sized demon covered in glittering ice.

Useful Info

Ice devils are cold-themed tier-3 demons. Although they lack any form of ranged attack, their melee capabilities are extremely dangerous for low-level characters, dealing an additional 11-32 cold damage on top of their 1d16 physical attack. While they ignore most cold attacks, fire damage or weapons of holy wrath are very effective choices. They can be found in the Abyss, Pandemonium, the Hells, or (dangerously early) in the Ice Cave.

Tips & Tricks

  • Cold resistance and conservation will take most of the sting out of their melee attacks.
  • If you encounter them in the Ice Cave, watch out for the possible appearance of an Ice fiend.


Ice devils were once considered tier-2 demons.