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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Smite-targeted is a term used for spells and abilities that can target any entity in line of sight, like the titular Smiting spell, regardless of obstacles in the way. Specifically, they are spells with the target or grid spell flags. They are not interrupted by monsters or certain dungeon features like iron grates. However, transparent walls block line of fire for the purpose of attacking.

Most spells with smite-targeting cannot miss; this is a property of each individual spell, rather than the targeting mode itself. For example, Portal Projectile doesn't suddenly make your ranged weapons perfectly accurate.


These player usable spells and actions are smite-targeted.

These spells have similar targeting rules, but can target any grid square, not just those that contain a creature.

Monster Sources

A noncomprehensive list of monster spells with smite-targeting:


Monsters with smite-targeted spells are very dangerous, able to hit you while other enemies are in your way. Most enemy spells are made more dangerous by ignoring your EV and SH. Smiting itself is a notorious killer of early characters. Penetrating attacks or your own area-of-effect or smite-targeted attacks can get rid of pesky enemies.

Your own smite-targeted attacks can help when dealing with weak but supportive monsters, such as boggarts or moths of wrath.