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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Teleportation is the act of moving from one place to another instantaneously. Teleports differ from blinks in two main ways: teleports can send you to any valid location on the floor, while blinks are limited to visible locations. And blinks are instantaneous, while many teleports take some time to kick in.


There are several ways to teleport in Crawl:

A few methods will try to teleport you next to monsters:

You can instead teleport monsters by casting Teleport Other or the Dispersal spell.

Useful Info

Tele Status

Scrolls of teleport and Teleport Other give the Tele status. This status has a delay before it teleports you:

Circumstance Duration
Normal 3-5 turns
In the Realm of Zot or when carrying the Orb 8-14 turns
In the Abyss (even when carrying the Orb) 8-19 turns

All other teleports are instantaneous, though the player does not have as much control with them.


Teleports send you to any random location on the floor, with the following conditions:

  • You must be able to step on the tile. E.g. you can't be sent into lava if you don't have flight (temporary or not). You can't be teleported into an occupied or solid tile, either.
  • You cannot be teleported into a dangerous cloud.
  • You cannot be teleported into vaults with the "no tele into" flag. This includes most runed door and transporter vaults, and every player ghost vault. A notable exception is the Hall of Blades in Elf:2, which does allow teleport inside.

Other than those restrictions, it can bring you to any random tile, including the one you were on originally ("Your surroundings flicker for a moment.").

Like blinking, teleports leave a cloud of translocational energy behind; these clouds have no effect (beyond stopping other clouds from existing on their tile).

Preventing Teleport

If the player has the Tele status, then they can either use a potion of cancellation or read another scroll of teleport to end it. A Quicksilver Bolt (including from the wand of quicksilver) will also end the Tele status.

The -Tele (from Dimension Anchor) and Stuck (from miscasting Translocations) statuses both prevent teleportation. These statuses can be removed by quaffing a potion of cancellation. -Tele may also be obtained via certain artefacts or by playing a Formicid; having these won't stop shifts in the Abyss.