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Version 0.18: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Auras are passive abilities that emanate out of certain characters and monsters, affecting anything that comes within their range. The exact effect this has varies by aura.


Halo auras emanate forth from certain holy weapons, monsters, and characters. They have the following effects:

  • Negate invisibility of anything within the aura.
  • Divides the stealth of all beings within the aura by roughly 2.5.
  • Causes all hostiles within the aura to glow, as though affected by Corona.


  • Worshipers of the Shining One receive a halo with range based on piety (very small to nearly your entire line of sight)
  • Characters wielding the unrand artifact morningstar Eos receive a medium halo.
  • Most holy monsters have halos, the size of which depends on the monster in question. Weaker creatures like holy swine have tiny halos while powerful creatures like seraphim and ophanim have extremely large halos.


The opposite of a halo, umbras emanate forth from unholy angelic beings. They have the following effects:

  • Increases the player's stealth by a factor depending on the source. 1.5 for the ring of shadows, and between 1.0 and 2.0 based on Piety for the divinely generated version.
  • Reduces the accuracy of all within the aura (except for demons, the undead, and Yredelemnul worshipers).
  • Negates the effect of any halo they overlap with.
  • Allows use of Dithmenos' shadow step ability.


  • Profane servitors have a large umbra.
  • Wearers of the ring of Shadows have a medium umbra.
  • Worshipers of Dithmenos receive an umbra with range based on piety (very small to your entire line of sight)

Ring of Flames

The spell Ring of Flames auras emanate one tile all around their source, creating clouds of flame all around you. These clouds linger for a few turns even after the source moves away. The aura has the following effects:

  • Negate any Ice Magic that strikes the clouds.
  • Deals fire damage to anything standing in the clouds (but does not injure the source).
  • Player version only: Increases the spell power of Fire Magic, provides 2 ranks of fire resistance and 2 ranks of cold vulnerability.


  • Players can cast the Ring of Flames spell to temporarily gain this aura.
  • Asmodeus has a permanent Ring of Flames aura surrounding him.


Tornado auras emanate out from certain rare monsters and players with access to very powerful Air Magic. They have the following effects:

  • Deals heavy wind damage to everything (except the source) within the aura.
  • Moves all affected targets (monsters, items, clouds, etc.) counterclockwise around the source each turn.



When silence auras emanate from a monster or the player, most creatures within the aura lose the ability to make any noise, including speech. This prevents:

  • Casting spells
  • Reading scrolls
  • Directing allies
  • Shouting
  • Invocable abilities (evocable ones remain unaffected)

All demons and some other creatures can ignore the effects of silence. Also, the player's stealth score is reduced by 50 while within a silence aura.


The following enemies cast Silence:

The following enemies may be able to cast Silence, depending on their spell set:

The following enemy inherently radiates Silence:

Powered By Death

When active, a Powered By Death aura will increase your character's regeneration rate by 100 for each corpse within its range, which rises with each mutation rank. This also decomposes all affected corpses slightly faster.


  • Some demonspawn characters will develop this mutation as they gain levels.


The Moth of suppression and Suppression auras were added in 0.12, and removed in 0.14.