Book of Changes

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Version 0.22: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Spellbook.png Book of Changes
Primary school Transmutation
Rarity 2/20
A student's primer to the magic arts of Transmutations, filled with lavish illustrations of spellcasting mistakes: half-wizard-half-spiders, blade noses, beaked tentacles where legs belong. The text is full of reassurances that these almost never happen.

The Book of Changes is the starting spell book for Transmuters.


Tile Spell Type Level
Beastly appendage.png a - Beastly Appendage Transmutation 1
Sticks to snakes.png b - Sticks to Snakes Transmutation 2
Spider form.png c - Spider Form Poison/Transmutation 3
Ice form.png d - Ice Form Ice/Transmutation 4
Blade hands.png e - Blade Hands Transmutation 5


Prior to 0.12, this book contained Fulsome Distillation and Evaporate instead of Beastly Appendage and Sticks to Snakes.

Prior to 0.8, this book contained Dig.