Cigotuvi's embrace

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

This page refers to the artefact. For the obsolete spell, see Cigotuvi's Embrace (spell).

A suit of armour borne of rotten flesh and bone and gristle, held intact by the will of a long-dead sorcerer. The dreadful energies within it call to the bodies of the recently dead, protecting the wearer with a cocoon of carrion. This protection only lasts a short time, however - the ward against decay holds true within, but not without.

Cigotuvi's embrace urand.png the +4 Cigotuvi's embrace

+4 leather armour

Miasma immunity
Drains wearer when removed
Absorbs corpses to temporarily increase AC


Any corpses or skeleton items in your line of sight are destroyed to increase the enchantment of Cigotuvi's embrace. This is subject to diminishing returns - it takes more corpses to increase the enchantment further. The enchantment will gradually decrease over time. The higher the bonus, the faster it decays.

The enchantment goes to +10 with one corpse harvested, which takes about 90 turns to fully slough off. Four corpses give you +18 and take ~180 turns to fully go away, sixteen corpses give +34 and take ~320 turns to fully rot away, etc.[1] Regardless of size or HD, each and every corpse gives the same amount of AC.[2]

If corpses are destroyed, Cigotuvi's embrace won't work. Yredelemnul and Necromancy spells (Animate Dead, Simulacrum, etc.) take priority, turning the corpse into undead first. Gozag converts corpses into gold, preventing them from being used. Note that Death Channel does not destroy corpses, and can be used with this armour.

Followers of Beogh will not desecrate orc corpses with this armour.


Cigotuvi's embrace[3] is a lightweight option that can provide extremely high amounts of AC, assuming you can create corpses. Can be very useful in a prolonged group fight. The reliance on corpses is not perfect, however:

This armour is best suited for EV-based fighters (melee and ranged). Casters will often need to regenerate MP, so they'll benefit less from the extra AC. Heavy brutes will likely prefer the consistent AC of a heavier set of armour.

Cigotuvi's embrace still allows for death drops, so you won't miss out on dragon scales whenever you kill a dragon.


  • In 0.32, Cigotuvi's embrace will no longer absorb skeletons.
  • Prior to 0.29, Cigotuvi's embrace would apply before you could use Necromancy spells like Animate Dead.
  • Prior to 0.26, Cigotuvi's embrace had rot immunity instead of miasma immunity.
  • The unrand version of Cigotuvi's embrace was added in 0.25 as a reference to the old spell.