Leather armour

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Version 0.22: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Leather armour
Size to wear Small, Medium
Armour Class 3
Encumbrance rating 4
GDR 14%
Maximum Enchantment +3
Grants nothing
Time to Wear 5

A suit made from layers of tanned animal hide, this light armour provides basic protection with almost no hindrance to elaborate gestures or swift, stealthy movement.

Leather armour is the lightest common body armour with a non-zero encumbrance rating. It offers only marginally more AC than a robe, but that can make enough of a difference that dodgers and casters may choose it over a robe in spite of the slight penalty.


Leather armour is often maligned, and its detractors have some points: robes are more likely to have useful egos, while lighter dragon armours such as steam, mottled, swamp and fire dragon armour give far more AC for comparable encumbrance. However, it is useful in a number of situations:

  • For an early EV-reliant character, this is often better than an unbranded robe. In exchange for 1 point of EV, you will get at least 1 more AC, and some minimal GDR.
  • A leather armour with a useful brand (such as fire resistance) can be competitive with the lighter dragon armours, and is often more easily found. Its value is debatable, though, since almost any character capable of wearing a leather armour of fire resistance can also wear a fire dragon armour without much difficulty.
  • As leather armour itself is very common, this means that artefact leather armours are reasonably frequently found. A good artefact (such as the salamander hide armour) is often worth wearing.
  • Leather armour is the heaviest armour capable of benefiting from the spell Ozocubu's Armour.
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Leather armour
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