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Version 0.30: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

For the class of effect described as "hostile enchantments", see Willpower#Resistible enchantments. For the defunct spell school with those effects, see Enchantments.

Armour, weapons and shields may have enchantments. For example, a +7 broad axe has an enchantment of +7. Each enchant, or "plus", adds +1 to a specific stat:

Rings may also display an enchant value, but except for a unique shop vault, they will always be either +4, +5, or +6, depending on the stat of the ring. They can not be enchanted further. Artefacts come with a random enchantment value and can not be enchanted further.

This is not to be confused with brands or egos (e.g. broad axe of flaming).

Enchantment Limit

All enchantable items have a maximum that they can be naturally enchanted:

Maximum Enchantment Levels
Weapon +9
Body armour +(Armour's base AC)
0 for quicksilver dragon scales
Barding +4
Shields +3 for Bucklers, +5 for Kite shields
+8 for Tower shields
All other armour +2

Artefacts are not bound to these limits and may be "overenchanted". Enchantment level can be negative, though items do not normally generate with a negative enchantment. Artefacts can be negatively enchanted, as well as items from very specific sources (such as the Cinder Acolyte background).


  • Prior to 0.27's removal of curses, negative enchantments used to be a lot more common (on cursed items).
  • Prior to 0.25, stat boosting rings could naturally spawn with an enchantment from 2 to 6, positive or negative. An amulet of reflection varied in the same way, though was always positive.
  • Prior to 0.15, weapons had a seperate to-hit enchant and damage enchant (e.g. +8,+6 broad axe). A scroll of enchant weapon I increased the former, a scroll of enchant wepaon II for the latter, and a scroll of enchant weapon III increased both twice.