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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

A barding is a special type of armour designed to cover the lower half of centaurs and nagas. It fills the feet slot in place of boots, which centaurs and nagas cannot wear. Similar to body armour, it offers significantly more AC than ordinary boots, but unlike body armour, it does not offer any GDR. Bardings impact the wearer's EV slightly, reducing it by 2. However, unlike a body armour's encumbrance, it does not affect spellcasting, stealth, unarmed combat speed, or melee accuracy.

The AC from bardings is not penalized by the centaur or naga's innate Deformed mutation. Centaurs cannot wear naga bardings and nagas cannot wear centaur bardings.

Bardings can be maximally enchanted to +4 using a scroll of enchant armour.

Bardings can carry the following egos:

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