Forceful Invitation

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Summons some of the lesser threats from one of the Lair of Beasts, the Snake Pit, the Spider Nest, the Swamp, the Shoals, the Orcish Mines, the Elven Halls, the Vaults, or the Crypt; the specific branch varies with the caster.

Forceful Invitation is a monster-only spell which summons 1d3 monsters from one of the following randomly selected branches, with a given branch being equally likely to be fixed per-caster. Its summon cap is 3.

Branch Monster, chance in branch cast
The Lair F Blink frog.png Blink frog 50.00% Y Dream sheep.png Dream sheep 33.33% F Cane toad.png Cane toad 16.67%
The Snake Pit N Naga (monster).png Naga (monster) 57.14% S Black mamba.png Black mamba 28.57% S Mana viper.png Mana viper 14.29%
The Spider's Nest s Tarantella.png Tarantella 37.50% s Jumping spider.png Jumping spider 50.00% s Orb spider.png Orb spider 12.50%
The Swamp y Vampire mosquito.png Vampire mosquito 44.44% v Insubstantial wisp.png Insubstantial wisp 33.33% k Swamp drake.png Swamp drake 22.22%
The Shoals m Merfolk siren.png Merfolk siren 50.00% H Manticore.png Manticore 33.33% k Wind drake.png Wind drake 16.67%
The Orcish Mines o Orc priest.png Orc priest 57.14% h Warg.png Warg 28.57% T Troll (monster).png Troll (monster) 14.29%
The Elven Halls e Deep elf mage.png Deep elf mage 55.56% e Deep elf knight.png Deep elf knight 22.22% e Deep elf archer.png Deep elf archer 22.22%
The Vaults c Yaktaur.png Yaktaur 50.00% p Ironbound preserver.png Ironbound preserver 33.33% p Vault sentinel.png Vault sentinel 16.67%
The Crypt W Wraith.png Wraith 50.00% W Shadow.png Shadow 37.50% p Necromancer (monster).png Necromancer (monster) 12.50%

The following enemies cast Forceful Invitation:


  • The monster list was altered in 0.19.
  • Forceful Invitation was introduced in 0.14.