Halazid warlock

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halazid warlock LHalazid warlock.png
HP 61-89
HD 18
XP 1249
Speed 12
AC 8
EV 10
MR 100
Attack1 20 (touch: pain)

Max Chunks 0
Type of Meat None
Resistances rC++
Vulnerabilities Holy
Habitat Land
Intelligence Human
Uses Open doors
Holiness Undead
Size Medium
Type lich, lich
Flags See invisible
An ancient undead sorcerer, exhumed by the living divines Sheza and Sargol and forced to labour night and day to anchor them to the world. Even after the fall of the divine twins, it works to resurrect its fallen masters.


Useful Info

Halazid warlocks are powerful undead spellcasters who guard the deteriorating treasure vaults of the Desolation of Salt alongside servants of whispers, ragged hierophants, and the usual bands of saltlings and peacekeepers. Their Shadow Creatures will quickly swarm you with reinforcements, and their Bolt spells will punish any player lacking the proper resistances. Occasionally, they will sacrifice a non-summoned ally, creating an explosion of up to 110 negative energy damage.


Spell set
Slot1 Ghostly Sacrifice (5d22) Wizard flag
Slot2 Bolt of Cold (3d25) Wizard flag
Slot3 Abjuration Wizard flag
Slot4 Bolt of Draining (3d27) Wizard flag
Slot5 Shadow Creatures Wizard flag

Tips & Tricks


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