Hat of Pondering

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Version 0.29: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
The favourite hat of the slug wizard Gastronok, stained with reddish slime and enchanted to aid in his arcane pondering. It has been specially enchanted to protect against the desiccating effects of salt.

Hat of pondering.png the +3 hat of Pondering

+3 hat

Ponderousness ego
+40 Willpower
+5 Intelligence
+10 MP


The hat of Pondering[1] provides extremely useful bonuses to any character's spellcasting and willpower, but the movement penalty has the potential to be very dangerous. Luckily, this hat is most beneficial to those who are likely to have the means to speed themselves up, i.e. mages with spells like Swiftness or Blink. It may also be useful to followers of Cheibriados, who are already slow and gain a piety advantage by being even slower.

The lightning scales' running ego will counteract the ponderousness - for Palentongas, moving at greater-than-average-speed is a very strong perk which would be lost in favour of this hat's magical capabilities. Spriggans, meanwhile, will still outspeed regular speed monsters and won't mind being slowed as much as other species. But an unboosted Spriggan is now slower against a regular speed monster that's hasted.

True to its lore, the hat of Pondering is sometimes found on Gastronok (10% chance).