Pulsating lump

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

For a list of all jellies, see list of jellies.

pulsating lump JPulsating lump.png
HP 38-71
HD 10
XP 53
Speed 5
AC 2
EV 6
Will 40
Attack1 13 (hit: mutate)

Resistances rPois+, rConstr,
rWater, Asphyx
Vulnerabilities Silver
Habitat Land
Intelligence Plant
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Natural
Size Medium
Type jelly, pulsating lump
Flags Sense invisible
A revolting blob of all kinds of living matter — muscle, gut, nerves, viscera, marrow — piled haphazardly into a single writhing mass. This distorted flesh is mutagenic on contact, but without any kind of structural arrangement to its parts, it lacks the coordination needed to move quickly.

He finds that in a sudden scrimmage,
And lies, an unsightly lump on the sodden grass …
An image that shall take long to pass!”
-Ford Madox Hueffer, “Antwerp”. 1915.

Useful Info

Pulsating lumps are unfortunate shapeless masses, incapable of any kind of coherent movement but still dangerous due to their mutagenic nature. They are weak and move very slowly, but their melee attacks can mutate you, making them worth being cautious around. They can also be found in certain vaults, the Slime Pits, and Cigotuvi's Fleshworks.

Tips & Tricks

  • Most forms of mutation resistance come with at least a small failure rate, so try to kill them at range. Fortunately, their slow speed means even nagas can kite them.
  • If you encounter these creatures in Cigotuvi's Fleshworks, they are not actually pulsating lumps, but pulsating lump shapeshifters: treat them accordingly.


  • Pulsating lumps were removed in 0.15.
  • Prior to 0.13, you could transform opponents into pulsating lumps by drawing a Vitriol card.
  • Prior to 0.12, you could transform opponents into pulsating lumps with the Cigotuvi's Degeneration spell.