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Version 0.26: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Cloak
Size to wear Any
Armour Class 1
Encumbrance rating +0
Maximum Enchantment +2
Grants nothing
Time to Wear 5

A cloth cloak.

"O Bell my wife, why dost thou flyte?
Now is now, and then was then:
Seek now all the world throughout,
Thou kens not clowns from gentlemen:
They are clad in black, green, yellow and blue,
So far above their own degree.
Once in my life I'll take a view;
For I'll have a new cloak about me."
-Anonymous, "The Old Cloak". 16th Century.

Cloaks are pieces of armour that fill the cloak slot. They take 5 turns to equip or remove, and can be enchanted up to +2. Scarves take the same slot and have useful properties, but provide less physical protection than a cloak; see their article for more details.


Cloaks can normally have the following egos:

These are only found in Ice Caves and Volcanoes, respectively:


Looking for a cloak early on? If you come across (and can kill) Crazy Yiuf, he's guaranteed to come with a cloak. It might even have an ego! Other uniques, including Maurice and Nikola, are also guaranteed to wear cloaks.

If you still need a good cloak in the late game, the Realm of Zot can be a good place to search. Many draconians will generate with cloaks, increasing your chances of finding one with a decent ego and enchantment. Tiamat will always have the +4 dragonskin cloak, if you can take her down.


Mundane Cloak1 leather.png
Magical Cloak2.png or Cloak3.png
Artifact Cloak4.png
Unrandart Cloaks
Cloak of the Thief Cloak of the thief.png
Cloak of Starlight Cloak of starlight.png
Dragonskin cloak Dragonskin cloak.png
Ratskin cloak Ratskin cloak.png
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