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Version 0.13: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Your score is determined at the end of the game, win or lose. It is then recorded for posterity on the high score table (along with your species, background, character level, Dungeon level, and cause of death).

Score Calculation

Your final score is based on these factors.

  • Total experience.
  • Amount of gold you are carrying.
  • Number of runes collected.
  • Number of turns taken (only if you escaped with the orb of Zot).
  • Total Points are capped at 99,999,999.

Experience Score

The amount of points added based on your XP is not capped, but has diminishing returns, eventually only giving 10% after 3 million exp:

  • 175,000 points at 250k exp
  • 475,000 points at 1mil exp
  • 875,000 points at 3mil exp
  • 10% of exp after 3mil is added to points


  • 250,000 XP is level 19 for a Human, or level 17 for a race with 150% experience requirement.
  • 750,000 XP is level 26 for a Human, or level 23 for a race with 150% experience requirement.

Note that you still gain experience after reaching level 27, up to about 9 million XP. This is a minor part of the total score for a winning game, usually less than 10%. However, in a non-winning game, it usually accounts for the majority of the total score.

Gold Score

Since the amount of gold you have is not multiplied by anything before being added to your score, this is a very small percentage (<1%) of the total score. This is capped at 1,000,000.

Rune Bonus

You get 10,000 points per rune and then 1,000 points * number of runes * (number of runes + 2)

In addition to the above, if you escape with the Orb of Zot, you get 250,000 points for the Orb and 2,000 points for each Rune, plus an additional 4,000.

This is a minor part of the total score, usually less than 5-10%, but the number of runes you have also affects the turn bonus.

Number of Turns

If you escape with the Orb, you get a bonus of 6,250,000,000*(runes^2)/turns. This is where the vast majority of points come from, and is the reason why it is best to complete games as quickly as possible with as many runes as possible in order to maximize score.

Assuming you grabbed all 15 runes:

  • 70,312,500 points at 20k turns
  • 56,250,000 points at 25k turns
  • 28,125,000 points at 50k turns
  • 18,175,000 points at 75k turns
  • 14,062,500 points at 100k turns
  • 11,250,000 points at 125k turns
  • 9,375,000 points at 150k turns
  • 7,031,250 points at 200k turns
  • 5,625,000 points at 250k turns
  • 4,687,500 points at 300k turns