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Version 0.25: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Throws a nearby ally at the monster's foe, doing minimal damage and landing the thrown monster nearby.

Throw Ally is a monster-only spell which launches a friendly monster at an opponent. In effect, the cast causes an adjacent monster to blink adjacent to the victim, dealing unavoidable damage to the target (you) in the process. The thrown ally is not reflectable, deflectable, or blockable by the target.

The following enemies cast Throw Ally:

Iron giants can throw any adjacent, allied monster of any size1, and, yes, that means: dragons, Hell sentinels, juggernauts, and even other fellow iron giants. Polyphemus can only throw yaks, death yaks, and catoblepi. Robin can only throw goblins and hobgoblins.

The maximum damage incurred depends on the thrower's HD: 2*HD - 1. Thus, possible damage is 1d35, 1d31, 1d3, respectively, less the player's AC.

The throwing monster will always select the ally that is farthest away from the target. Thus, if it is part of a mob and has just come into the player's LOS, the monster being thrown at the player will very likely be one the player has not yet seen.


  • Renamed to Throw Ally and generalized in 0.17.
  • Goblin Toss was added in 0.16.


1The ally to be thrown must not be constricted. Otherwise, the only things iron giants cannot throw are avatars (which are linked to a conjurer) and projectiles: that is, Battlespheres, Spectral weapons, Orbs of destruction, Ball lightning, Spatial vortices. (A dancing weapon is not a Spectral weapon and is throwable.)