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Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

The tutorial is a helpful introduction for new players to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Before 0.7, the tutorial was a text heavy mode. Now, the tutorial has become "Hints mode", and a new tutorial was added. The new tutorial is a mini-game, which aims to teach newbies the basics of Crawl.

The mini-game has a limited number of fixed rooms with different tasks and explains to the player what he/she needs to do. The mini-game has different rules than the normal game. For example, the character is fixed (High Elf Fighter with no starting equipment) and has one level of Spellcasting, so they can learn a spell as soon as they find their first spellbook.



  1. Navigate the dungeon.
  2. Pick up equipment.
  3. Encounter a wimpy monster.
  4. Find some ammunition.
  5. Encounter another wimpy monster that needs to be attacked via ranged combat.
  6. Find a spellbook.
  7. Find a ring, potions, wand, and scrolls.
  8. Encounter monsters which leave corpses.
  9. Join a religion.
  10. Face Sigmund.

Upon defeating Sigmund, the game congratulates you and you get to die to a Pandemonium lord on D:5. If you somehow manage to survive against the pan lord the game has a final message before letting you continue the game normally. Note: It's generally impossible to kill the pan lord, since it has Fire Storm and Haste.