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| Found on weapons and shields. Gain +5 [[AC]] on weapons, +3 on shields.
| Gain +5 [[AC]] if on a weapon, +3 if on a shield.
| Weapons, shields
| Weapons, shields
| You feel protected.
| You feel protected.

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Version 0.12: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Egos are special abilities and intrinsics found on weapons, armour, and other character items. When an item name shows as "+x foo of barring", the "of barring" is the ego. For example: boots of running, war axe of electrocution.

Egos on weapons are often referred to as brands. Unlike other egos, many weapon brands can be added to normal weapons temporarily through certain spells (or permanently with certain exceptional methods). This page focuses on non-weapon egos; see the brand page for weapon egos.


Name Effect Found on Putting On Taking Off
Resistance Gain 1 rank in fire resistance and cold resistance. Robes, shields You feel resistant to extremes of temperature. You feel hot and cold all over.
Fire resistance Gain 1 rank of fire resistance. All body armour, barding, shields, * You feel resistant to fire. Was it this warm in here before?
Cold resistance Gain 1 rank of cold resistance. All body armour, barding, shields, ** You feel resistant to cold. You catch a bit of a chill.
Poison resistance Gain poison resistance. Shields, cloaks, all body armour other than robes You feel healthy. You feel less healthy.
Positive energy Gain 1 level of life protection. All body armour, shields Your life-force is being protected. You feel vulnerable.
Protection Gain +5 AC if on a weapon, +3 if on a shield. Weapons, shields You feel protected. You feel less protected.
Darkness Can be evoked for invisibility, but costs food to evoke and increases hunger cost per action. Cloaks You become transparent for a moment. n/a
Preservation Gain conservation, resist corrosion, and one rank of acid resistance Cloaks n/a n/a
Magic Resistance Gain +30 magic resistance. All body armour, cloaks, wizard hats You feel resistant to magic. You feel less resistant to magic.
Strength Gain +3 strength. Gloves You feel stronger. You feel weaker.
Dexterity Gain +3 dexterity. Gloves You feel agile. You feel clumsy.
Intelligence Gain +3 intelligence. Helmets, wizard hats You feel clever. You feel stupid.
Running Decreases movement delay by 2 (25% faster, for most species). Boots You feel quick. You feel rather sluggish.
Flight Can be evoked for indefinite flight, but costs nutrition to activate. Boots, barding You feel rather light. n/a
Stealth Gain +50 stealth. Boots, barding You feel stealthy. You feel less stealthy.
See invisible Gain see invisible. Helmets You feel perceptive. You feel less perceptive.
Archmagi Boosts spell power for all spells. Robes You feel powerful. You feel strangely numb.
Ponderousness Worsens your movement speed by 2 (20% for most species), and reduces EV. Plate armours You feel rather ponderous. That put a bit of spring back into your step.
Reflection Reflects any blocked physical or magical ranged attacks back at the attacker. Shields n/a n/a
Spirit shield Damage you receive is divided proportionally between HP and MP. Sets MP to 0 when first equipped. Caps You feel spirits watching over you. You feel strangely alone.
Archery +5,+3 bonus to missile weapons, but -1,-1 to melee combat. Bracers (gloves) You feel that your aim is more steady. Your aim is not that steady any more.

* In volcanoes, can very rarely be found on cloaks, boots, and gloves.

** In ice caves, can very rarely be found on cloaks, boots, and gloves.

Crystal plate armours and animal skins are always generated without ego, except in some vaults, like volcanoes.