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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Name Animal skin
Size to wear All
Armour Class 2
Encumbrance rating 0
Maximum Enchantment +2
Grants nothing
Time to Wear 5

A large piece of thick skin covered in fur, cut from the corpse of an animal and worn as a primitive garment. It offers rudimentary protection against harm, but, having never been tanned, it carries a light stench of rotting flesh.

"He killed the noble Mudjokivis.
Of the skin he made him mittens,
Made them with the fur side inside,
Made them with the skin side outside.
He, to get the warm side inside,
Put the inside skin side outside;
He, to get the cold side outside,
Put the warm side fur side inside.
That's why he put the fur side inside, Why he put the skin side outside,
Why he turned them inside outside.
-Anonymous, in Wells' _A Parody Anthology_, p. 120. 1904.

An animal skin is a body armour that is functionally identical to a robe, with 2 base AC and no encumbrance.

Unlike robes, animal skins are not normally generated with egos outside of a few special vaults, such as in Ice caves.


This item exists as flavour for Berserkers and some enemies (such as spriggan berserkers) where a robe would be less thematic.

Berserkers, as melee-focused characters with high strength, should switch to a heavier armour almost immediately. For other characters, there's usually better options available. A +2 animal skill is better than a +0 robe, at least.

Mundane Animal skin1.png
Magical Animal skin2.png
Artifact Animal skin3.png
Unrandart Animal Skin
The Skin of Zhor Skin of zhor.png


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