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Version 0.13: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Transformations are effects that completely alter the form of a creature's body. While many of them are caused by Transmutations spells, a few of them have other sources. They share a few common properties:

  • Undead creatures cannot be transformed. For players, this means that Ghouls and Mummies can never be transformed, while Vampires can only be transformed when at Full or higher satiation.
  • Transformations are always temporary, although sometimes their duration can be extended. Whether or not they can be cancelled at will depends on the transformation itself and/or its source. Even those that can be cancelled may take a few turns to actually do so.
  • Most transformations will meld at least some equipment. Melded equipment ceases to have any effect (except ponderousness from armour), positive or negative, but it is not unequipped: thus, transformations are not (usually) blocked by cursed items, but cannot get rid of them either.
    • In addition, some transformations will also restrict use of other items, such as wands. Note that this does not mean that a transformed character will be able to use an item they couldn't before they transformed -- a felid in Statue Form will not suddenly be able to wield a weapon.
  • Transformations frequently alter a character's unarmed damage, sometimes even imparting a brand to said attacks.
  • Transformations may alter a number of other properties, including HP, movement speed, size (and therefore EV), AC, and mutations, among others.

Note that spells which have a single effect, such as Stoneskin or Blade Hands, are not full transformations, even though some of them can only be used by living casters.

Table of Transformations

For brevity, the following abbreviations are used in this table, and some clarifications are given:

List of Transformations
Transformation Sources Allows Unarmed Base Movement Speed HP modifier AC Size Item Use Casting Other
Wisp Form W None 5 10 1.0 +5+0.5×XL Tiny None Disallowed rF++ rC++ rPois rElec rN+++ rTorm rAcid+++, Conservation, Insubstantial, foodless, occasionally moves as if confused, randomly blinks, flies, stealthy
Bat Form WVCP M 1, UC/5 16 1.0 0 Tiny Can't quaff potions or evoke wands Disallowed Lower attack delay
Porcupine Form W None 0, UC/5 12.5 1.0 0 Tiny Can't evoke wands Disallowed -3 Str, Spiny, unstealthy, can't be constricted, unbleeding
Pig Form WK M 0, UC/5 14.3 1.0 0 Small Can't evoke wands Disallowed Unstealthy
Spider Form SCWP RM 5 + venom 12.5 1.0 +2 Tiny Can't evoke wands -10% to success rPois-, +5 Dex, clings
Ice Form SCW RMC 12 + freezing 10 1.2 +5-12 Medium Can't evoke wands Normal rF- rC+++ rPois, amphibious
Tree Form W HSW 12 0 1.5 +20+0.5×XL Huge Can't quaff potions Normal rPois rN+++ rTorm, +10 Str, 48% GDR, -TELE, foodless, Immobile but can otherwise act, actions slowed, EV set to almost zero, very stealthy
Fungus Form W RMH 12 + Confusing Touch 10 1.0 +12 Tiny Can't quaff potions or evoke wands Disallowed rPois rN+++ rTorm, foodless, can't move while there are hostile monsters in LoS, very stealthy
Statue Form SCWP RMCWSH 3 + Str/3 10 (6.67) 1.3 +17 + Earth/2 Huge Normal Normal rPois rN+ rElec, 50% torment, 40% GDR, +2 Str, -2 Dex, all actions slowed.
Dragon Form SCW RM 18 + 2/3*Str + trample 10 1.5 +16 Gigantic Normal Normal rPois rF++ rC-, 34% GDR, flies, special for draconians
Lich Form SC All 5 + Draining 10 1.0 +6 Medium Can't quaff potions Normal rPois rC+ rN+++ rTorm +50 MR, +3 Str, Undead, holy vulnerability, foodless, Necromancy enhancer