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Version 0.30: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Transformations are effects that completely alter the form of a creature's body. While many of them are caused by Transmutations spells, a few of them have other sources.

Useful Info

Transformations are always temporary. Whenever they can be cancelled at will depends on the transformation itself and its source, but all transformations are stopped by a potion of cancellation and Quicksilver Bolt (the latter leaves 1 turn left on the duration).

Transmutations can cause the following changes, depending on the form:

  • Modify Unarmed Combat
  • Have innate properties, like bonus HP, AC, stats, or resistances.
  • Have a different size or movement speed to your base form
  • Meld certain types of equipment. Melded equipment ceases to have any effect, positive or negative. Melded items are not unequipped, rendering you safe from an artefact's Drain and Contam.

All transformations will also make you vulnerable to silver weaponry (+75% damage from silver weapons)

Undead creatures cannot be transformed. For players, this means that Ghouls and Mummies can never be transformed, while Vampires can only be transformed when Alive. Lich Form renders you immune to other transformations, but you can still extend it by casting Necromutation again.

Table of Transformations

List of Transformations
Transformation Source(s) Equipment melded UC base dmg Move delay HP AC Size Casting Other
Wisp Form Wand All armour
3 1.0 Normal 5 + XL/2 Tiny No rF++ rC++ rPois+++ rElec rN+++, acid immunity, torment immunity, insubstantial, flying, stealthy
Bat Form Wand
Vampire ability
All armour
1 0.6 Normal 0 Tiny No
Pig Form Wand
All armour
3 0.7 Normal 0 Small No Unstealthy
Beastly Appendage Spell Helmet
3 As species Normal N/A N/A Yes Gain Talons 2 and Horns 2
Spider Form Spell All armour
3 (venom) 1.0 Normal 2 Tiny Yes
rPois-, +5 Dex
Ice Form Spell All armour
12 (freeze) As species +20% 5 + 7*pow/100 Large Yes rF- rC+++ rPois, amphibious
Blade Hands Spell Gloves
22 1.0 Normal N/A N/A Yes
Can cut hydra heads
Tree Form Wand
Potion of lignification
All armour
(except shield)
12 No move +50% 20 + XL/2 Normal Yes rPois torment immunity, -Tele, EV set to almost zero
Fungus Form Wand All armour
12 (confusion) 1.0 Normal +12 Tiny No rPois rTorm
Can't move if hostile monsters in line of sight
Shadow Form Dithmenos ability None 3 (50% all melee damage) As species +30% 6 + pow/20 As species Yes
rPois+++ rN+++, torment immunity, infinite willpower
All damage taken is halved, dmg/spellpower reduced
Very stealthy
Bleed smoke when taking damage.
Max hp drained when taking damage.
Statue Form Spell Body armour
12 (150% all melee damage) 1.5
(1.0 pre-slow)
+30% 20 + 12*pow/100 As species Yes rPois+++ rN+ rElec, torment resistance (50%)
All actions slowed by 50%
+50% melee damage.
Dragon Form Spell All armour
38 (trample) 1.0 +50% 16 Giant Yes rPois rF++ rC-, flies
Special for draconians
Storm Form Spell All armour
2 + pow / 3 (Elec, cleaving) 1.0 Normal 10 + pow/10 As species Yes rPois+++ rElec, Insubstantial
Bonus EV
Blinkbolt ability
Lich Form Spell None 5 (drain) Normal 1.0 +6 As species Yes rPois+++ rC+ rN+++ Will+, Undead, holy vulnerability, torment immunity
Necromancy spell enhancer
Can't quaff potions


  • Prior to 0.28, plant based forms had 3 levels of Life Protection.
  • Prior to 0.27, many forms had dedicated GDR ratios. Also, Hydra Form was replaced with Storm Form.
  • Prior to 0.22, most forms could not use wands.
  • Prior to 0.20, wands of polymorph could polymorph the player into most forms, not just the five bad forms. Porcupine form was removed in 0.20.
  • Hydra Form was added in 0.16.
  • Shadow Form was added with Dithmenos in 0.14.
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