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Version 0.22: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Transformations are effects that completely alter the form of a creature's body. While many of them are caused by Transmutations spells, a few of them have other sources. They share a few common properties:

  • Undead creatures cannot be transformed. For players, this means that Ghouls and Mummies can never be transformed, while Vampires can only be transformed when at Full or higher satiation.
  • Transformations are always temporary, although sometimes their duration can be extended. Whether or not they can be cancelled at will depends on the transformation itself and/or its source. Even those that can be cancelled may take a few turns to actually do so.
  • Most transformations will meld at least some equipment. Melded equipment ceases to have any effect (except ponderousness from armour), positive or negative, but it is not unequipped: thus, transformations are not (usually) blocked by cursed items, but cannot get rid of them either.
  • Transformations frequently alter a character's unarmed damage, sometimes even imparting a brand to said attacks.
  • Transformations may alter a number of other properties, including HP, movement speed, size (and therefore EV), AC, and mutations, among others.

Table of Transformations

List of Transformations
Transformation Source(s) Equipment melded Unarmed base damage Movement delay HP AC Size Casting Other
Wisp Form Wand All armour and weapon 3 1.0 Normal 5 + XL/2 Tiny No rF++ rC++ rPois+++ rElec rN+++, acid immunity, torment immunity, Insubstantial, No food clock, occasionally moves as if confused, randomly blinks, flying, stealthy
Bat Form Wand / vampire ability All except amulet 1 0.6 Normal 0 Tiny No Lower attack delay
Pig Form Wand / Porkalator All except amulet 3 0.7 Normal 0 Small No Unstealthy
Beastly Appendage Spell Helmet or boots 3 1.0 Normal N/A N/A Yes Gain either talons 3 or horns 2
Spider Form Spell All armour and weapon 3 (venom) 1.0 Normal 2 Tiny Yes, but Wiz- rPois-, +5 Dex, clings to walls
Ice Form Spell All armour and weapon 12 (freeze) 1.0 +20% 5 + 7*power/100 Large Yes rF- rC+++ rPois, amphibious
Blade Hands Spell Gloves 22 1.0 Normal N/A N/A Yes, but Wiz- Can cut hydra heads
Tree Form Wand / Potion of lignification All armour and weapon 12 Can't move +50% 20 + XL/2 Normal Yes rPois rN+++, torment immunity, 48% GDR, -Tele, no hunger clock, EV set to almost zero, very stealthy
Fungus Form Wand All armour and weapon 12 (confuse) 1.0 Normal +12 Tiny No rPois rN+++ rTorm, No hunger clock, can't move while there are hostile monsters in line of sight, very stealthy
Shadow Form Dithmenos' 5* ability None 3 (but all melee damage is halved) 1.0 +30% 6 + power/20 Same as species Yes, but Power-- rPois+++ rN+++, torment immunity, very stealthy, two spell power anti-enhancers, melee damage dealt is halved, all damage taken is halved, bleed smoke when taking damage, skills drained when taking damage, magic immune.
Hydra Form Spell All armour and weapon 3 per head for first 10 heads, 3/2 per head thereafter 1.0 +30% 6 + power/20 Same as species Yes Can devour enemies to gain sustenance.
Statue Form Spell Gloves and boots 12 1.5 (all actions are slowed) +30% 20 + 12*power/100 Same as species Yes rPois+++ rN+ rElec, torment resistance (50%), 40% GDR, all actions slowed.
Dragon Form Spell All armour and weapon 36 (trample) 1.0 +50% 16 Giant Yes rPois rF++ rC-, 34% GDR, flies, special for draconians, +10 Str
Lich Form Spell None 3 (drain) Normal 1.0 +6 Same as species Yes rPois+++ rC+ rN+++ MR+, +3 Str, Undead, holy vulnerability, torment immunity, Necromancy spell enhancer, can't quaff potions, no hunger clock


  • Prior to 0.22, most forms could not use wands.
  • Prior to 0.20, wands of polymorph could polymorph the player into any form, not just the five bad forms. Porcupine form was removed in 0.20.
  • Hydra form was added in 0.16.
  • Shadow form was added with Dithmenos in 0.14.