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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
This page is about the god that was introduced in 0.28. For the defunct monster, see Ignis (monster).

Ignis altar.png "The flames of Ignis gently warm you."

Ignis the Dying Flame offers followers power over fire in many forms. All of Ignis' power is offered unconditionally to any who would deign to worship, but once used, it can never be replenished. Ignis' other worshippers deserted long ago; the divine fire burns low, and soon it will go out.

Followers can armour themselves in flame, call a swarm of foxfires against their foes, or let Ignis' heat lift them to another level of the dungeon. However, the guttering flames of Ignis' power will only sustain a limited number of invocations before only flickering embers remain. No matter how depleted, Ignis will always grant followers resistance to fire.

Cinder Acolytes begin play worshipping Ignis.

Racial restrictions

Demigods cannot worship Ignis, or any other god.


  • Any worship at all: Followers from an altar are immediately granted 130 piety, instead of the usual 15.
  • Cinder Acolytes start with 150 piety.
  • There is no way to gain further piety with Ignis during regular play. Leaving and rejoining will not restore any spent piety.


  • Abandonment.
  • Piety will not decrease over time. However, piety will be depleted by using Ignis' abilities.


Ignis is not guaranteed to spawn in the Dungeon. There is one version of the Temple with an Ignis altar, and like all gods, Ignis is available through a faded altar. Even then, actually picking Ignis over a god that will be useful in the long term is questionable. The only guaranteed way to worship Ignis is by starting out as a Cinder Acolyte.

Given Abilities

Piety Level -: "Last Ember"

  • Fire Resistance: Gain 1 rank of fire resistance. (Passive).
  • Rising Flame: After 2-4 turns, Ignis will launch you through the ceiling to the level above you, creating a shaft underneath you after you ascend. The first floor of a branch will launch you to the floor of the branch's entrance. Does not work on the first floor of the Dungeon or in the Abyss, Pandemonium, or a portal level - including Ziggurats. It does work in Vaults:1, even if you don't have a rune to exit normally. (Free, usable only once).
    • The shaft functions like a normal shaft trap, dropping you randomly 1-3 floors down, independent of where you actually used Rising Flame.

Piety Level *: "Glowing Coal"

  • Fiery Armour: Gain +7 AC, and deals 2d4 fire damage to creatures that attack you in melee. Lasts for around 120 turns. (12-16 piety).
  • Foxfire Swarm: Create foxfires in every empty tile within a two-tile radius from you; these act like the Foxfire spell at 10 spellpower. (24-32 piety).

Piety Level **: "Thurifier"

  • No abilities given.

Piety Level ***: "Hearthfire"

  • No abilities given.

Piety Level ****: "Furnace"

  • No abilities given.

Piety Level *****: "Raging Flame"

  • No abilities given.
  • This is the piety level ordinary worshippers start with.

Piety Level ******: "Inferno"

  • No abilities given.
  • This piety level can be reached only by a Monk praying at a faded altar.


The wrath of Ignis is now weaker than that of most other gods. Apostates will find their resistance to fire stripped away completely, and will be periodically assaulted by fire elementals, find their enemies strengthened by fire, or even have the floor burned out from beneath them. Experienced and cautious adventurers will likely overmaster these assaults.

Ignis' wrath lasts for a relatively short duration.

Upon abandoning Ignis, your fire resistance will have a maximum of zero until Ignis' wrath ends. You'll then occasionally experience one of the following forms of divine retribution (equal chance):

  • Durably summons 2-3 fire elementals to deal with you.
  • Gives the strongest non-religious monster in your line of sight the fire champion status, granting them extra fire damage and increased movement speed.
  • Triggers a shaft under you.

Once Ignis' wrath ends, the god will cease to exist. All altars will be removed from the dungeon, if any were present.


As you would expect from a starting god, Ignis is a massive boon in the early-game; just make sure to use its abilities while they are still relevant. D:3 orc priest pack giving you trouble? A Foxfire Swarm (up to 24 individual Foxfires) is almost certainly bound to kill them. 24 Foxfires will fare somewhat worse (though are still quite effective) against a hydra, but they won't do well against mid-level groups or much stronger foes. A huge portion of otherwise extremely dangerous threats in the upper dungeon can be avoided through one of Ignis' invocations. Even then, Rising Flame is a superior scroll of teleportation -- useful anywhere, with little risk of danger if you've cleared the floor above you.

And, as you would expect from a god with finite piety, Ignis is a god designed to be abandoned. Its wrath is weak, but not so weak to be a pushover, and powerful enough to discourage switching gods as soon as you find the Temple. Consider your character's strength by the time you finish Lair or the main portion of the Dungeon. If/when you decide to switch, the fact that you're choosing a god much later gives a lot of flexibility. As usual, consider your character and what the dungeon has given you before (re)-devoting your faith.

Tips & Tricks

  • An amulet of faith has no effect for followers of Ignis.
  • Fiery Armour is meant to be used proactively; activating it before a threatening fight (that you know you can win with its help). Using Fiery Armour early will save you piety from having to use Foxfire Swarm.
  • Foxfire Swarm is held to the same limitations of the Foxfire spell (cannot pass through you, won't spawn if something is on the tile), though it remains tactically effective in more situations, due to the sheer number of Foxfires.
    • Since this ability checks AC up to 24 times, it is ineffective against high AC enemies, even those found in the mid dungeon. However, it can remain effective against low-AC foes, like (Two-headed) ogres and hydras.
  • If you decide to abandon Ignis, keep in mind that you have progressed throughout much of the game.
    • Gods like Yredelemnul, Zin, and Uskayaw have unique piety systems that make it easier to catch up.
    • Ignis can help one survive the wait when trying to find Jiyva.
    • Lugonu, if you can find an altar, will banish nearby enemies every time divine wrath is triggered.


  • In 0.32, Foxfires from Foxfire Swarm will have 20 spellpower instead of 10. Also, it will be possible to exit the Dungeon by using Rising Flame anywhere on D:1.
  • Ignis was added in 0.28.
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