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Version 0.8: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Dungeon Sprint is a fast paced variant of the longer and slower Stone Soup experience. This page offers general strategies for approaching Sprint maps, and will direct you to more specific advice for individual maps.

There are currently nine Sprint maps.

  1. "Red Sonja"
  2. "The Violet Keep of Menkaure"
  3. "The Ten Rune Challenge"
  4. "Fedhas' Mad Dash"
  5. "Ziggurat Sprint"
  6. "Thunderdome"
  7. "The Pits"
  8. "Arena of Blood"
  9. "Linesprint"

Deep Elf Fire Elementalist

Map: Red Sonja

(Obsolete as of Version 0.9)

  1. Turn off everything, except Spellcasting.
  2. Quaff your potion of berserk rage and kill Ijyb.
  3. Concentrate on your spell skills and learn Throw Flame.
  4. Quaff your potion of speed and kill the Ogre. Back away and quaff a potion of magic, if necessary.
  5. Learn Sticky Flame.
  6. Cast Sticky Flame on Sigmund and 'C'lose the door in his face repeatedly, until he dies. If he's in the doorway, just back away from him and heal if you're low on health.
  7. Grab the loot from the secret room near Sigmund's door.
  8. Kill the Jelly, Elephant slug, and Giant amoeba with Sticky Flame. After that, learn Bolt of Fire.

At this point, you should turn on Fire Magic and Conjurations again. Worship Vehumet to get Fire Storm (and the conjuration boost). Cast Sticky Flame to deal with invisible monsters.

Deep Elf Conjurer

Map: The Violet Keep of Menkaure

  1. Turn off everything except Spellcasting to start; turn Conjurations back on quickly, but always focus Spellcasting. You'll need all the spell levels and the least spell hunger you can get.
  2. Likewise, take Intelligence for every stat up. ALL OF THEM.
  3. Quaff your potion of berserk rage to kill the Giant centipedes or the Brain worms
  4. Memorize Mephitic Cloud, but keep Air Magic and Poison Magic off to conserve XP and facilitate Lehudib's Crystal Spear in late game. You won't need levels in those schools because your Spellcasting, Conjurations, and Intelligence will be ridiculously high.
  5. Kill Menkaure before he opens too many doors (may wish to dump your robe first, to avoid having it cursed on you)
  6. Worship Vehumet and memorize Lightning Bolt and Freezing Cloud, then abuse Multizap and smite-targeting with transparent walls

More detailed guide in production; will be spoiler-heavy!

Spriggan Enchanter

Map: both maps

  1. Turn off Dodging and the Short Blade skill.
  2. Stab monsters.
  3. Learn Confuse.
  4. Stab more monsters.
  5. Learn Invisibility.

Spriggan Enchanters are one of the easiest combos to play in Sprint. Jiyva (Menkaure map) is a good god choice. They can probably win without a god.

Spriggan Enchanter 2

Map: Red Sonja

tested with version 0.15


  1. Stealth - max it as soon as possible
  2. Short Blades - to max stabbing damage and combat. With Stealth at 27, 13 in Short Blades is sufficient
  3. Dodging - useful for surviving if something goes wrong.
  4. Spellcasting - reduce hunger and increase spellpower - usually 10 is sufficient
  5. Hexes - to hibernate and confuse more efficiently
  6. Other magic schools - depending on spells you find.


I tried it only with Dithmenos, probably best choice for stabbers. First thing he makes you more stealthy and you can teleport to sleeping enemies. Shadow mimicking your actions and bleeding with smoke is also a nice bonus.


  1. Ensorcelled Hibernation - your main spell.
  2. Confuse - if you can't force them to sleep, try to confuse them!
  3. Sure blade - useful from time to time
  4. Other - anything, that let you escape/avoid threat is good. Blink, controlled blink, passwall etc.


If you need to find something try buying it in shop - there are plenty of them. Things you may find useful:

  1. Weapon - It is always nice to find a good short blade, especially well enchanted and branded.
  2. Amulet of resist mutation - crucial if you want to go through "shining eyes chamber".
  3. Anything that gives you ability to blink - helpful to get Orb of Zot and escape without fighting Tiamat.


  1. The moment you see Orb of Zot, you can probably get it if you buy some helpful stuff from shops. You don't have to bother getting through Tiamat or clear whole map
  2. I found it hard do hibernate Trapdoor Spiders, but confusing them was quite easy.
  3. Demonic crawlers was the hardest part for me, because they are fast, resistant and they are not very sleepy. You can try to lure them to some empty rooms and lock them there.

Troll Berserker

Map: both maps

  1. Kill things, until you get the 'Brothers in Arms' ability.
  2. Abuse it.
  3.  ????
  4. Profit!

Yes, it's that simple. Turn off everything, except Fighting and Unarmed Combat. Your summons should kill everything for you.

Qazlal Fighter

Map: Ziggurat Sprint and Linesprint Tested with 0.15 version.

Main Strategy: Using the high piety recovery in sprint, spam the power of Qazlal stormbringer.

  1. Max out invocation first. Pious species such as Demonspawns and Hill Orcs (invocation aptitude + 3) are recommended.
  2. If the monster sticks to you, they won't be affected with disaster area. Axe fighter would be useful in Ziggurat, while in Linesprint sword/mace type is more feasible.