Ghost crab

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

For a list of all arthropods, see list of arthropods.

ghost crab tGhost crab.png
HP 38-78
HD 9
XP 948
Speed 10
AC 9
EV 6
Will 40
Attack1 20 (bite: drain experience)
Attack2 15 (claw: drain experience)

Resistances rPois+++
Vulnerabilities Holy
Habitat Amphibious
Intelligence Animal
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Undead
Size Small
Type crab, ghost crab
Flags Evil
No skeleton
No zombie
A close relative of the fire crab, twisted by proximity to negative energy. Apparitions of the dead swirl around it, only barely visible.

Useful Info

Ghost crabs are aggravating amphibious opponents which flood the battlefield with spectral mist clouds, damaging non-undead targets and summoning branch-appropriate spectral things to assault you. They are durable enough to take a hit or two, and inflict draining with their melee attacks, but more often than not simply blast you from the back row while their summons tear you apart. They can be found in the Swamp.


Spell set I
Slot1 Spectral Cloud Natural flag

Tips & Tricks

  • Laying down your own clouds will prevent a ghost crab from filling those tiles with spectral mist. A scroll of fog is your safest bet, and it's easy to lure the thing into your cloud bank so you can take it out at close range. If you have poison resistance, Mephitic Cloud also works, and doesn't require using a consumable.
  • Ghost crabs have relatively low willpower, which makes them good targets for hex spells and wands.