Amulet of the gourmand

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type Jewellery
Name Amulet of the gourmand
Icon Amulet of the gourmand.png
An amulet that allows its wearer to eat fresh raw meat when not hungry, and drastically increases nutrition gained from them. These effects on the wearer's digestion are cumulative over time and are initially small.

An amulet of the gourmand lets you consume meat like a carnivore without reducing your ability to consume vegetarian fare, but requires time to pass before becoming truly effective. If you eat meat while the amulet is still attuning itself to you, you will only gain partial nutrition from any chunks you eat while above "Hungry" level. The activation time is approximately 400 turns (roughly twice as long as it takes a chunk to rot). You can determine how close you are to fully active by eating a chunk: the more enthusiastic the message you receive, the closer the amulet is to being fully active.

As trolls already have the gourmand mutation, this amulet will do nothing for them. Likewise, races that are already carnivorous ghouls, kobolds, and felids) or are physically incapable of eating meat (spriggans, vampires, and mummies) do not benefit from an amulet of the gourmand in any manner.


Any character that can make use of an amulet of gourmand can benefit from carrying one around and putting it on when they start to get hungry, but characters that burn through food quickly such as berserkers, magic-users, or followers of Elyvilon will get the most benefit. Keep in mind that the amulet requires some time to take full effect, and if you run into a dangerous situation where a different amulet could mean the difference between life and death, don't hesitate to swap back; rations are plentiful enough that you will not run out of food unless you spend inordinate amounts of time in an area without edible corpses or are a troll (in which case the amulet won't help you).


  • Amulets of gourmand were removed in 0.25.
  • Prior to 0.16, ghouls benefited from an amulet of the gourmand by treating all chunks as if they were rotten, thus increasing the HP restored when consuming them.
  • Prior to their removal 0.15, wearing an amulet of the gourmand also allowed you to consume contaminated chunks as though they were clean.
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