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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Gozag altar.png "Greed is good."
Gozag Ym Sagoz the Greedy teaches that the world belongs to the rich. Those accepting this principle may exchange their gold for divine assistance. Followers of Gozag do not earn piety; the only way to impress this god is by amassing a fortune, and worshippers may request as much assistance as they can afford. Fortunately, Gozag's worshippers are said to have the touch of gold.

For Gozag, both flesh and spirit are inferior to wealth, and therefore all monsters are turned to gold upon death. Other monsters may then be briefly distracted by imaginings of great wealth. Stalwarts can purchase immediate help in the form of potions, and may also pay to attract shopkeepers into the dungeon. Particularly well-off adherents may bribe the inhabitants of a branch of the dungeon to turn a blind eye to their presence, or even to change their allegiance.

Gozag likes it when you collect gold.

Gozag's powers are not affected by the Invocations skill.

Racial Restrictions

Demigods may not worship Gozag Ym Sagoz or any other deity.

Additional Restrictions

Gozag requires a service fee for joining; this starts at 0 gold and rises with the amount of gold generated in the game:

Service fee = (Generated gold - Generated gold/log10(Generated gold+10))/2

Characters without enough gold receive the message, "Gozag does not accept service from beggars like you!"

Monks who have not yet chosen a god are exempt from this fee, as are those who join Gozag through a faded altar.


Gozag Ym Sagoz is a reasonable businessgod, and does not allow personal feelings to affect its behavior one way or another. All interactions with Gozag Ym Sagoz revolve purely around gold. This also means that amulets of faith have no effect, since Gozag doesn't care about piety.

Given Abilities

As Gozag Ym Sagoz has no piety system, all divine abilities are available upon joining. Players are notified when they have gathered enough gold to use the next given ability.

  • Golden touch: Defeated enemies (anything worth XP) turn into piles of gold. The amount of gold varies; bigger, stronger monsters tend to generate more. If the monster dies over deep water or lava, the gold is credited directly. (Passive)
This ability turns corpses into gold, which prevents the following:
  • Gold distraction: Killing an enemy worth XP gives you a "gold aura", which can distract enemies. The gold aura lasts for 5 + (2d14)/2 turns; each kill adds +1 stack and renews the duration (if 5 + (2d14)/2 > current duration, it is set to the former). Each stack has a 3% chance per monster turn to distract, up to a maximum of 30%. Only when the gold aura ends, stacks are set back to 0. (Passive)
  • Potion Petition: Purchase one set of potion effects. You immediately get the effects of one of three sets of potions, each containing 1-6 random, different potions. Sets containing more and/or better potions are more expensive to purchase. Once you activate the ability, you must choose and pay for one of the sets. You need to have at least 400 gold to be able to use Potion Petition, but the actual cost varies. Gozag won't gift effects that are useless for your species.
    • This ability does not count as an actual potion. This means that Vine Stalkers can heal, and Mummies can benefit from Potion Petition, but Oni don't get doubled healing.
  • Call Merchant: Fund a merchant to set up a new shop. You choose one out of three different Merchants with different shop types. The first use of Call Merchant costs at most 800 gold, increasing by 200 gold per use (though most shops will be cheaper). The quality of the shop scales with XL. The chosen shop is placed at your feet. Shops will never be completely useless to your character. For example, a Felid will never be offered Armour or Weapon shops.
  • Bribe Branch: Send money to the inhabitants of a branch to turn them temporarily neutral or incite them to join you. Unique Hell and Pan lords are unaffected. (3000 Gold)
    • If you are inside a branch or standing on its entrance, you may add 3000 gold to its bribe fund. It must house intelligent monsters, so Spider, Swamp, and Slime cannot be bribed.
    • Monsters you first encounter have a chance to become peaceful or allied, using gold from the bribe fund. Allied monsters cost more gold. Higher HD monsters are more likely to be bribed.
      • Allied monsters can follow up through stairs, but they can't leave the dungeon branch where you bribed them.
    • Attacking one of these pacified monsters will turn all pacified monsters in sight hostile.
    • When the bribe fund ends, peaceful monsters will turn neutral. Allied monsters will eventually turn hostile, as their personal fund runs out.


Gozag does not appreciate abandonment, and will call down fearful punishments on disloyal followers!

The first of Gozag's punishments is commercial: all shops opened through Gozag's intervention shut their doors forever. The disloyal are advised to finish their shopping before they launch their betrayal. For as long as Gozag remains angered, potions will have a chance to fail when quaffed, and any foes that are encountered may be granted potions of their own to assist them against the ex-worshipper.

Gozag's wrath lasts for a relatively long duration.

Upon leaving Gozag Ym Sagoz, any funded stores close, as they are unable to pay their debts without your funds. Any bribed monsters turn hostile. In addition, Gozag causes two passive effects:

  • Petition for your drink to fail: When quaffing potions, there is a 33% chance that you will lose a turn (but not the potion).
  • Incite: On encounter with an enemy, there's a chance for it to permanently be buffed. If a monster has no spells, it goes berserk. If it has spells, or if it can't go berserk, it is hasted instead.

Gozag's wrath is mollified only by gaining XP; it does not matter how many effects happen.


Gozag is a very strong god, if you use its abilities early and often. The god offers Potion Petition, a fairly cheap and extremely powerful ability, and Bribe Branch, an even stronger ability that can completely destroy dangerous floors.

  • Potion Petition's most obvious drawback is that you might not always get what you want, this instant. But it can offer a wide variety of very strong potion effects: for example, haste, invisibility, and heal wounds at the same time. Most potions aren't immediate escape options, but many can help a situation greatly. It is cheap for what if offers.
  • Few things simplify the Realm of Zot like an allied orb of fire, and Bribe Branch does just that. It can also make other "troublesome" floors, such as rune vaults, easier. Other than the bribe running out, the one weakness is that it won't work against monsters you've already seen. If your bribery fund begins to run low, you can put an extra 3000 gold towards it by using the ability again.

Other than that, Gozag also offers strong "general" buffs. Gold distraction is an easy ability to underestimate: it reduces the damage you take against groups, and offers many opportunities to stab. Call Merchant allows you to get gear and items - especially good for books, where 8+ valuable books will generate per shop. Don't go overboard; Call Merchant gets very expensive quickly, and there's no guarantee that anything is actually useful. Plus, you'll want many uses of Potion Petition.

These traits make Gozag an amazing god for Ziggurats. Gold distraction has an exaggerated effect in them, and the sheer amount of gold means that you can permanently buff yourself (haste in particular), even for mummies or lich form players.

Necromancy-focused characters should stray away, as gold corpses are unsuitable for raising the dead. The gold touch also prevents dragon scales and troll leather armour from forming, so Trolls and other oddly-sized species might want to consider another god. The Hall of Blades' weapons are also relegated to just gold.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you have spare funds after clearing the Orb of Zot's guardians, you can bribe the Dungeon, Depths, and/or Zot ahead of time to simplify the orb run.
  • You still keep any gold and items acquired from Gozag's patronage, even after abandonment.
    • Should you be reckless enough to abandon Gozag, consider clearing the Crypt right afterwards, as undead monsters are incapable of going berserk, which is easily the most dangerous effect of Gozag’s wrath.


  • Prior to 0.31, Gozag let worshippers detect gold. This would also detect items created via aquirement code, such as the loot inside Elf:3.
  • Prior to 0.30, the gold aura scaled with monster size.
  • Prior to 0.29, Tukima's Dance did not drop weapons with Gozag.
  • Prior to 0.28, Gozag's gold aura was more complex; it did not have a hard cap, but instead, each stack reduced the next pile's chance to distract.
  • Prior to 0.26, Gozag offered one free potion petition on worship. Gozag worshippers also had to deal with comestibles; corpses were edible, but gold isn't. While not often an issue, certain species, namely trolls, suffered. Call Merchant would always provide a food shop (along with the three other choices) when used.
  • Prior to 0.22, Bribe Branch would work on summons.
  • Prior to 0.21, Gozag could offer haste or berserk via potion petition to species that couldn't be hasted or go berserk.
  • Prior to 0.18, Call Merchant scaled with your dungeon depth rather than XL.
  • Several aspects of Gozag were different prior to 0.17:
    • Service fee was higher.
    • Gold distraction was centered on the generated gold, rather than the player.
    • The cost of Potion Petition increased with use.
    • Only monsters that normally left corpses dropped gold.
    • Bribes only worked on humanoid and demonic enemies.
    • Call Merchant placed shops on unexplored floors in Dungeon, Depths, Vaults, and only at your feet when those branches were fully explored.
  • Gozag Ym Sagoz was added in 0.16.


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