Steam dragon scales

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Name Steam dragon scales
Size to wear All
Armour Class 5
Encumbrance rating 0
Maximum Enchantment +5
Grants rSteam
Time to Wear 5

The scales of a steam-breathing dragon. Unlike the scales of some larger dragons, it does not provide its wearer with much protection (beyond a resistance to scalding steam), but it is extremely light and supple.

Steam dragon scales are the lightest of the dragon scale armours, having an encumbrance rating of 0 (the same as a robe). They also provide rSteam.

This item has a 33% chance to generate when you slay a steam dragon.


A direct upgrade over plain robes, leather armour, and ring mail. With 0 encumbrance, they can be appealing to casters and ranged weapon users.

However, most characters will prefer a slightly heavier armour, such as troll leather armour, acid dragon scales, or swamp dragon scales. These armours provide better protection for a negligible increase to encumbrance. Even the lowest strength characters, such as Deep Elf and Spriggan casters, may want to upgrade. Note, however, that steam dragons are found earlier than trolls and the other dragons.

Note that steam resistance is virtually useless, since steam damage is so rare. There are only 2 common enemies (steam dragons, merfolk aquamancers) who deal steam damage. Fire resistance provides innate steam resistance, anyway.


  • Steam dragon armour was renamed to steam dragon scales in 0.19, which also removed steam dragon hides.
  • Prior to version 0.10, Steam dragon armour had 4 base AC instead of 5.
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