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Version 0.23: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
"The latter lived in the country, and before his house there was an oak, in which there was a lair of snakes. His servants killed the snakes, but Melampus gathered wood and burnt the reptiles, and reared the young ones. And when the young were full grown, they stood beside him at each of his shoulders as he slept, and they purged his ears with their tongues. He started up in a great fright, but understood the voices of the birds flying overhead, and from what he learned from them he foretold to men what should come to pass."

-Apollodorus (apocryphal), Library and Epitome, 1.9.11. circa 150 BC. Sir James George Frazer, translator.

"A snake, with mottles rare,
Surveyed my chamber floor,
In feature as the worm before,
But ringed with power."

-Emily Dickinson, "In Winter In My Room"

Crawl's many snakes are universally fast and usually carry poisonous bites, though some rely on constriction or more exotic means of attack. They are found throughout the Dungeon, but can also be found in great numbers in the Lair and the Snake Pit.

Snake Types

S Ball python.png Ball python- A small constricting predator of vermin, they pose little threat to adventurers.

S Adder.png Adder- Although fragile, these snakes carry sufficient venom to endanger low-level characters.

S Water moccasin.png Water moccasin- Venomous, faster and hardier than an adder, but otherwise uninteresting.

S Black mamba.png Black mamba- Swift and evasive killers with potent venom.

S Mana viper.png Mana viper- Mystical snakes whose bite drains magic from their victims.

S Sea snake.png Sea snake- A brightly coloured snake that strikes with brutal venom. Fast on land and even faster in water.

S Shock serpent.png Shock serpent- Snakes that crackle with barely-contained electricity. They can store up power in order to release a mighty torrent of lightning.

S Anaconda.png Anaconda- Enormous snakes that prefer to crush their prey to death.

S Guardian serpent.png Guardian serpent- Intelligent snakes with magical skills. Moderately dangerous alone, but can teleport their allies to surround their foes.

S Lava snake.png Lava snake- Unnatural magma-dwelling snakes that spit globs of molten stone at passing adventurers.

Unique Snake

S Aizul.png Aizul- A dishonored guardian serpent who fell asleep on the job. She will happily put adventurers to sleep before blasting them with poison.

Retired Snake

S Viper.png Viper- A bit sturdier than water moccasins, but a bit slower.

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  • Mana vipers and shock serpents were introduced in 0.14.
  • Vipers were removed in 0.10.