Master Blaster

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Master Blaster LMaster Blaster.png
HP 1500
HD 30
XP 15000
Speed 10
AC 20
EV 10
MR Immune
Attack1 20 (touch: drain experience)
Max Chunks 0
Type of Meat None
Resistances rF+, rC++,
rElec, rPois+++,
rN+++, rTorm,
rRot+++, rDrown
Vulnerabilities Holy, Holy wrath
Habitat Land
Intelligence High
Uses Open doors
Holiness Undead
Size Medium
Type lich, lich
Flags Actual spells
See invisible
A mighty old lich, notorious for blasting people with powerful conjurations at the slightest provocation, or just on a whim.

Useful Info

Master Blaster is the final boss of the Thunderdome Dungeon Sprint map.


Spell set
Slot1 Fire Storm (8d23)
Slot2 Fire Storm (8d23)
Slot3 Glaciate (10-198)
Slot4 Miasma (3d20)
Slot5 Teleport Self
Slot6 none

Tips & Tricks

  • Use quad damage to render his absurd durability a lot less insurmountable.
  • He's just as vulnerable to silence as any other ancient lich. This may or may not actually help though, given his high HP and HD. Life protection and a holy wrath weapon also help.


Master Blaster (and the Thunderdome map in general) is a reference to the 1985 film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.