Table of attack spells and beams by maximum range

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Version 0.5.2: This article is likely not up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Ranges for explosions are for the most distant affected square rather than the target point.

As of 0.5.2.

See also List of attack spells and beams by maximum damage.

Only unsurpassed spells

Range Non-elemental Fire Ice Earth Air Poison Necromancy
4 Lehudib's Crystal Spear (8)
5 Iskenderun's Mystic Blast (4) (high accuracy) Bolt of Magma (5) (beam, 65% non-res) Bolt of Iron (6) Dispel Undead (4) (undead only)
6 Bolt of Fire (6) (beam) Venom Bolt (5) (beam) Bolt of Draining (6) (beam)
7 Fireball (6) (explosion) Bolt of Cold (6) (beam) Poison Arrow (6) (60% non-res)
8 Magic Dart (1) Fire Storm (9) (explosion 65% non-res, smite targeting) Ice Storm (9) (explosion 75% non-res) Airstrike (4) (smite targeting) Agony (5) (living only)
9+ Lightning Bolt (5) (bouncing)
Chain Lightning (8) (chained)

All spells and abilities

Range Type Non-elemental Fire Ice Earth Air Poison Necromancy
1 single Melee attack Staff of fire
Flaming weapons
Staff of ice
Freezing weapons
Staff of earth Staff of air
Weapons of electrocution
Staff of poison
Weapons of venom
Staff of death
Weapons of pain
chained Freeze Static Discharge
2 single Weapons of reaching Sandblast without stones
4 single Flame Tongue Sandblast with stones
Lehudib's Crystal Spear
5 single Iskenderun's Mystic Blast (high accuracy) Breathe Sticky Flame ability Stone Arrow
Bolt of Iron
Dispel Undead (undead only)
beam Bolt of Magma (65% non-res) Bolt of Magma (35% fire) Lightning Bolt (min range, bounces)
6 single Throw Icicle (40% cold) Spit Poison ability Pain (living only)
beam Breathe Fire ability
Bolt of Fire
Breathe Frost ability Venom Bolt Bone Shards (needs skeleton)
Bolt of Draining
7 single Throw Flame Sting
Poison Arrow (60% non-res)
beam Breathe Steam ability Bolt of Cold Breathe Poison Gas ability
explosion Fireball
8 single Ranged attack
Magic Dart
Spit Acid ability
Throw Frost Airstrike (smite targeting) Agony (living only)
beam Breathe Energy ability Breathe Lightning ability
explosion Hellfire Fire Storm (smite targeting) Ice Storm (75% non-res)
9-12 beam Lightning Bolt
Any chained Chain Lightning