Spell memorisation

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Version 0.27: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Spell memorisation is the process by which you learn spells from your spell library. This can be done by viewing the Memorisation tab of your inventory screen or pressing M and selecting the desired spell from the list. You can search the library with ctrl-F, and can switch between memorisation, checking descriptions, and hiding/showing spells you have no interest in with the ! key.

Memorisation restrictions

While any character may gain access to spells, the following restrictions apply:

Also note that memorising spells while worshipping Trog will trigger penance.

Memorisation success

All spells not affected by the conditions above can be memorised, however memorisation takes spell level + 1 turns to complete (during which you cannot do anything else); should you take damage during this time, your memorisation will be interrupted.


  • Prior to 0.26, spells gifted by Vehumet were not added into the player's library even when memorised.
  • Prior to 0.22, there was no spell library. Spellbooks were permanent objects, and spells had to be memorised directly from a book each time.
  • Prior to 0.12, your chance of success at memorising a spell was related to your chance to cast the same spell. Failing to memorise a spell had no effect, except from a Book of Annihilations, a Grand Grimoire or a Necronomicon. In these cases, you'd suffer a (likely high level) miscast effect from Conjurations, Summonings or Necromancy, respectively.