Wand of acid

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Version 0.18: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Wand
Name Wand of acid
Icon Wand of acid.png
A magical device which throws a bolt of corrosive acid.

Player use

A wand of acid fires a Corrosive Bolt of acid, dealing damage and possibly corroding any creatures in its path. It has a power rating of 15 + 5*Evocations/2 and can hold at most 15 charges.

Monster use

When utilized by a monster, the power rating is 30 + (monster Hit Dice).


Wands of acid provide a powerful backup attack. Few monsters are resistant to acid and the bolt's corrosive properties make followup melee attacks more effective.


Wands of acid were added in 0.18.

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