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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

Zot Defence is a tower-defense-styled variation on Dungeon Crawl. After selecting one of the five available scenarios and character to play as, you are placed on a map and tasked with defending the Orb of Zot from all threats. Monsters will be generated in waves, swarming in from the upstairs. You must prevent the monsters from reaching the Orb of Zot, which you may not pick up or apport.

During each turn in which a hostile monster stands over the Orb, you suffer one point of rot damage. Each time you go up one experience level, you receive a new special "Zot Ability" which will aid you in protecting the Orb; the use of these abilities expends Zot Points, which are gained concurrently with experience.

The waves of monsters grow in strength over time; at the end of each wave, an out-of-depth "boss" monster is generated. Every few waves, a rune is generated on the stairs along with the boss monster. You may pick up the Orb, and leave the dungeon with it, if you are carrying fifteen runes.


  1. Hall of Zot
  2. Battle Heart
  3. Two or Three?
  4. Columnade
  5. Glassed Sandwich

Zot Abilities

Ability Cost
Make Dart trap 5 ZP
Make Oklob sapling 60 ZP
Make Arrow trap 30 ZP
Make Plant 2 ZP
Remove curse Stat drain
Make Burning bush 200 ZP
Make altar 50 ZP
Make grenades 2 ZP
Make Oklob plant 250 ZP
Make Net trap 2 ZP
Make Ice statue 2000 ZP
Make Spear trap 50 ZP
Make Alarm trap 2 ZP
Make mushroom circle 10 ZP
Make Bolt trap 300 ZP
Make crystal statue 2000 ZP
Make Needle trap 30 ZP
Zot-teleport 2 ZP
Make Water 10 ZP
Make Lightning spire 100 ZP
Make Silver statue 3000 ZP


Zot Defence was removed in 0.16, reportedly due to lack of development maintenance.

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