Deep elf blademaster

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For a list of all deep elves, see list of deep elves.

deep elf blademaster eDeep elf blademaster.png
HP 68-139
HD 16
XP 2596
Speed 15
AC 3
EV 25
Will 120
Attack1 25 (hit: plain)
Attack2 25 (hit: plain)

Resistances None
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Land
Intelligence Human
Uses Weapons & armour
Starting equipment
Open doors
Holiness Natural
Size Medium
Type elf, elf
Flags Two weapons
A champion of the deep elves, who scorns magic and is devoted to the study of the sword. A blademaster wields two weapons with astonishing dexterity and speed.

Useful Info

Deep elf blademasters are the most powerful melee fighters of the deep elves. They are fast, have annoyingly high evasion, and dual-wield Short Blades (small chance for quick blades). They can be found in the Elven Halls, particularly in the Hall of Blades.

Tips & Tricks