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Version 0.27: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

This page is about the various deep elf monsters. For the player species, see deep elf.

The deep elves are a race of xenophobic subterranean beings with powerful magic, but most possess only mediocre martial prowess (though there are a few notable exceptions). They populate the Elven Halls, and can occasionally be found in the other Dungeon branches, especially in the Vaults.

Deep Elf Types

e Deep elf archer.png Deep elf archer - Deep elf arcane marksmen armed with nasty hexes and Repel Missiles.

e Deep elf pyromancer.png Deep elf pyromancer - Incendiary mages that focus on Fire Magic in combat.

e Deep elf zephyrmancer.png Deep elf zephyrmancer - Mages that harness the power of lightning to strike down their foes.

e Deep elf knight.png Deep elf knight - Swift fighter-mages who pelt you with mid-level Conjurations and hasted blows of the blade or bow.

Elite Deep Elves

These powerful elves are most commonly found in great numbers in the treasure vault on Elf:3; outside there, they are uncommon, but often lead other elves.

e Deep elf blademaster.png Deep elf blademaster - Ravenous blenders that mysteriously resemble elves, they are absolutely vicious with their twin short blades.

e Deep elf master archer.png Deep elf master archer - Even without magic, they're the deadliest archers you can find.

e Deep elf annihilator.png Deep elf annihilator - Expert combat casters known for one-shotting careless adventurers.

e Deep elf death mage.png Deep elf death mage - Spooky elves who rapidly drain you with Bolt of Draining and raise the dead.

e Deep elf demonologist.png Deep elf demonologist - Masters in the art of calling up horrors from dark places (and sending nosy adventurers back in exchange).

e Deep elf elementalist.png Deep elf elementalist - Powerful casters with spells from all four elemental schools of magic.

e Deep elf sorcerer.png Deep elf sorcerer - Yet another deep elf caster, hurling damnation and Corrosive Bolts before casting you into the Abyss.

e Deep elf high priest.png Deep elf high priest - Elite deep elven priests capable of healing and empowering their allies in addition to their powerful smite-targeted abilities.

Unique Elves

e Dowan.png Dowan and e Duvessa.png Duvessa - Twin elves who appear early on; he specializes in magic, she in swords. Killing one invites the other's retaliatory wrath.

e Fannar.png Fannar - A cruel elven magistrate with near-perfect mastery of Ice Magic.

Retired Elves

e Deep elf soldier.png Deep elf soldier - A meager spell caster armed with a sword or bow he hardly knows how to use. Removed in 0.13.

e Deep elf fighter.png Deep elf fighter - A deep elf soldier with a smattering of magical spells. Removed in 0.18.

e Deep elf conjurer.png Deep elf conjurer - Combat casters who enjoyed draining you and setting you on fire with their spells. Removed in 0.18.

e Deep elf summoner.png Deep elf summoner - Fragile summoners who threw small hordes of vermin at you. Removed in 0.18.

e Deep elf priest.png Deep elf priest - Worshipers of a dark god capable of smiting you and raising the dead as twisted abominations. Removed in 0.18.

e Deep elf mage.png Deep elf mage - Eccentric spellcasters with access to multiple themed sets of spells. Split into pyromancers and zephyrmancers in 0.27.


During the Christmas holiday of 2014 and 2015, online Crawl servers gave these opponents festive Santa hats. Why a mere elf would be wearing a Santa hat is beyond us.