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Version 0.27: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

This page is about the various merfolk monsters. For the player species, see merfolk.

Again at length my thought reviving came,

When I no longer found my self the same;
Then first this sea-green beard I felt to grow,
And these large honours on my spreading brow;
My long-descending locks the billows sweep,
And my broad shoulders cleave the yielding deep;
My fishy tail, my arms of azure hue,
And ev'ry part divinely chang'd, I view.
-Ovid, _Metamorphoses_, XIII, 546-7. 8 A.D.
trans. Garth, Dryden, et al

Useful Info

Merfolk are the nimble, amphibious humanoids who defend the Shoals from interlopers. They are only lightly armoured, but many carry decent polearms, and some even carry throwing nets or javelins. Be careful not to face them in the water, as they gain combat bonuses when in their own element.

Merfolk have different professions, granting them unique powers.

Tips & Tricks

The real danger with merfolk is that the Shoals are completely wide open. If you make too much noise, you can draw a merfolk army on you, not to mention the other monstrous threats in the area. Without a way to fly or swim, it's entirely possible to get pinned down while splashing around helplessly in shallow water.

Merfolk Types

m Merfolk.png Merfolk - Lightly armed foot soldiers of the merfolk people.

m Merfolk impaler.png Merfolk impaler - Rugged trident fighters who rapidly poke their foes to death.

m Merfolk javelineer.png Merfolk javelineer - Deadly fish people who hurl javelins from the safety of the seas.

m Merfolk aquamancer.png Merfolk aquamancer - These dangerous casters wield water magic and control the waves.

m Water nymph.png Water nymph - Playful, murderous creatures who bring the sea with them wherever they go and compel it to drown anyone within its reach.

m Merfolk siren.png Siren - Enchanting singers, with voices so lovely they can compel you to stay and listen, no matter the danger around you.

m Merfolk avatar.png Merfolk avatar - These sadistic singers enthrall their audiences so thoroughly that the ghosts of their drowned victims rise and obey their commands.

Unique Merfolk

m Ilsuiw.png Ilsuiw - An infuriating, often invisible aquamancer who leads an army of merfolk and calls water elementals to her aid.

Obsolete Merfolk

m Mermaid.png Mermaid - Merfolk with enchanting voices that prevented their listeners from moving away.


Mermaids and sirens were renamed to sirens and merfolk avatars respectively in 0.16