Amulet of inaccuracy

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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Jewellery
Name Amulet of inaccuracy
Icon Amulet of inaccuracy.png
This amulet makes its wearer less accurate in hand combat and when targeting monsters via ranged weapons or spells.

Wearing an amulet of inaccuracy decreases the accuracy of each of your attacks, physical or magical, by 5. This utterly useless amulet would never be used if not for the fact that it always generates cursed. Consider this a good reason to avoid putting on unidentified amulets without a scroll of remove curse on hand.

Although they serve no useful purpose, the amulet of the Air artefact uses an amulet of inaccuracy as a base item, adding several very useful benefits to compensate for its penalty to accuracy.


Prior to 0.15, amulets of inaccuracy were not always cursed, and would not identify when worn.

Prior to 0.12, this amulet's negative effect would not calculate correctly for ranged weapons.

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