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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

For the spell present in 0.30, see Statue Form (spell).

An rough-hewn stone icon. Transforms the user into a slow, stone statue. The caster's melee damage, both unarmed and with weapons, is substantially increased. The caster's stone body is immune to poison and miasma, and gains resistance to electricity and negative energy. Shapeshifting skill increases armour granted. While transformed, any equipped body armour, gloves and boots are melded.

Granite talisman.png A granite talisman is a talisman that changes you into Statue Form, granting you the durability (and speed) of a statue.

Useful Info

When eVoked, a granite talisman turns you into Statue Form, which lasts until you end the form. Entering or exiting a form takes 5 turns.

Statue Form has the following effects:

Combat Bonuses

  • HP Bonus: 130% HP
  • Innate AC: Linearly scales from the following points, rounding down:
    • Below minimum: 7 AC (0 skill) - 27 AC (16 skill)
    • Above minimum: 27 AC (16 skill) - 38 AC (25 skill) ; +1 AC per 0.81 level
  • Unarmed Combat: 12 base damage.
  • All melee damage, including from weapons, is increased by 50% (after AC is applied).



  • Melded Gear: Body armour, gloves, boots.
  • All actions slowed by +50%, as if you were slowed. This stacks with the slow status.
  • Species movement delay set to 1.0. It is then slowed by 50% (to 1.5 with no other factors).
  • If you are an amphibious species, you can stand in deep water, but you get all the normal penalties from both shallow and deep water (statues can't swim).

Statue Form has a minimum Shapeshifting skill of 16, below which you get an HP penalty, and the AC bonus scales down. It has a maximum skill of 25, where skill has no further impact.

Gargoyles cannot use this item, as they are already made out of stone.

Roxanne always carries the talisman.


Being permanently slowed is always dangerous, but Statue Form is very durable. Unlike many forms, you get to keep a shield. And unlike heavy body armour, you'll have your full, unencumbered EV. With high HP, AC, EV, and decent SH, Statue Form offers more defense than any other form. Overall, it is a fairly strong form for Unarmed Combat users. It also has some nice resistances; torment resistance in particular is valuable in extended.

Statue Form only boosts Unarmed Combat. Other characters can use it for its defenses or resistances, but will find it less useful.

  • This form does not explicitly penalize spells... but all actions, including spellcasting, are slowed by 50%. Thus, direct damage spells become less effective. A Conjurations-focused caster can still appreciate Statue Form for its defenses, but bear in mind the slowness. Of course, spells are not useless, as support magic can be very helpful.
  • Statue Form boosts melee weapon damage by 50%, but it also slows melee by 50% - there's no net increase to damage.
  • Like spells, Ranged Weapons are slowed with no damage boost.

In a 3-rune game, these characters should generally focus on Fighting and other defensive skills before using Statue Form. In extended, however, the torment resistance can give this form more merit.

Tips & Tricks

Humanoid Armataur Naga Djinni Octopode Felid
Statue form humanoid.png Statue form armataur.png Statue form naga.png Statue form djinni.png Statue form octopode.png Statue form felid.png


  • In 0.32, this form will no longer block swimming for species that can swim.
  • Granite talismans were introduced in 0.31, along with talismans themselves. This form was previously implemented as a level 6 Earth Magic/Transmutations spell, Statue Form. There are no direct changes between versions, but exiting a form now takes 5 turns, which is a notable nerf for this form in particular.
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