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For the obsolete item, see potion of blood.

Blood is a liquid present within most natural creatures.

What has blood

Most player species have blood. The player species who don't are: undead species (ghoul, mummy, bloodless vampire), gargoyle, and djinni. Players may turn into a plant, nonliving, or undead transformation (Tree Form, Ice Form, Statue Form, Storm Form, Necromutation...), which removes their blood for its duration.

Draconians are cold-blooded.

Most monsters that are natural, and that are not insects, arachnids, jellies, or eyeballs, have blood. Some non-natural monsters, such as vampires, will also have blood. If a monster has either the "warm-blooded" or "cold-blooded" tag, it has blood.

Useful Info

While blood seems cosmetic, creating blood splatters all over the Dungeon floor, it is used for a few mechanics within the game:

  • The spell Sublimation of Blood can only be cast if you are in a form with blood.
  • Vampiric attack flavours (e.g. attacks from vampires; not including the vampiric weapon brand) only work on a target with blood.
  • Skysharks check for blood with their Bloodzerk attack flavour. If a Bloodzerk deals damage to a target with blood, the skyshark will gain might for a short period. If the skyshark damages a valid target with bloodzerk again, it will go berserk.
  • The player demonspawn mutation, Ignite Blood will create flame clouds whenever blood would splatter.

Despite its name, Wereblood does not require blood.

Blood temperature

Creatures with blood can either be cold-blooded or warm-blooded:

In addition, cold-blooded monsters are slowed twice as long by Metabolic Englaciation.
  • Warm-blooded creatures have no specific vulnerabilities (other than having blood in the first place).