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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
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mimic X32px
HP 30-58
HD 8
XP 467
Speed 8 (item)
10 (feature)
AC 5
EV 1
MR 32
Attack1 12 (hit: plain)
Attack2 12 (hit: poison)
Attack3 0 (constrict: crush)
Max Chunks 0
Type of Meat None
Resistances rPois+, rElec, rF+, rC+,
rRot, rN+, rTorm
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat land
Intelligence Normal
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Non-living
Size Variable
Type item/feature mimic, item/feature mimic
Flags No skeleton
Fighter (feature)
Item: An apparently abandoned item, actually a vicious little beast in disguise.

Feature: A vicious beast masquerading as an ordinary dungeon feature.

Useful Info

Mimics are irritating creatures which appear to be tantalizing items or common dungeon features, but which will attack and chase you once revealed. They are more than a match for careless, fragile characters, packing poisonous bites and multiple moderately powerful attacks. Item mimics can be found on Dungeon:7 or lower, as well as in any branch except for the Ecumenical Temple, and are slightly slower than the average character. The faster feature mimics can start appearing on D:10, and are absent from the Temple, the Slime Pits, and the Vestibule of Hell.

In order to keep mimics from devastating low level characters and to give them a bit more bite in the late game, 0.11 added two new varieties. Inept mimics are much weaker and can be found on floors 1-6, while ravenous mimics are significantly more powerful and haunt the deepest areas.

Tips & Tricks

  • Be wary of extremely high quality gear found early on. While gold dragon armour or crystal plate mail can occasionally appear on any floor, it might be wise to test it for fangs first.
    • Unlike items, nothing can stand on a tile with a mimic in it, so monsters will step around them. Monsters neutralized by Elyvilon's abilities, however, may still ascend or descend a mimic.
    • If your minions stand adjacent to an item mimic, it will attack them.
    • If you've already injured a mimic on this floor and it managed to escape, you may find an "item" later on with a health bar.
  • How to kill a mimic:
    • Powerful melee fighters can usually plow right through them, especially if they have poison resistance.
    • They have an EV score of 1. Bolt of Inaccuracy can annihilate them in a single hit.
    • Almost any Summonings spell can take them out without risk. They're fragile enough that a pack of imps can make short work of them.
  • Mimics almost always identify themselves when you stand next to you. A Blink spell can put some quick distance between you and it.
  • When dealing with feature mimics, escape won't be nearly as easy, but they're otherwise not any harder.
  • Note the differences between a weapon mimic and a hostile dancing weapon: dancing weapons are much faster, may have any branded attack, and leave behind an actual weapon as a "corpse." A dancing weapon's attack strength and speed vary on the type of weapon being animated and can be quite powerful.


Mimics ceased being monsters in 0.16. However, items may still turn out to be mimics, which simply vanish when you get within on tile of them.

In 0.15, mimics no longer mimic doors, statues, fountains or hatches.

Inept and ravenous mimics were added in 0.11.

Prior to 0.10, item mimics were immobile, and in general they were cowardly creatures that teleported away when struck with a ranged attack.

Feature mimics were introduced to the game in 0.8. Due to numerous bugs, they were retired in 0.9, to be reintroduced in 0.10 after much bugfixing.