Scroll of vorpalise weapon

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

For the current version of this scroll, see scroll of brand weapon.

Type Scroll
Name Scroll of vorpalise weapon
Icon Scroll of vorpalise weapon.png
This scroll enchants the wielded weapon so as to make it more effective at inflicting harm on its wielder's enemies. Using it on a weapon already affected by some kind of permanent branding is not advised. On the other hand, the scroll can make permanent the temporary branding of weapons obtained from some spells.

Brands that are closely tied to one of the gods (Trog, Lugonu, Kikubaaquadgha, the Shining One) cannot be affixed this way. Xom, on the other hand, wouldn't let such an opportunity for fun go to waste.

Scrolls of vorpalise weapon permanently give non-branded, non-artifact weapons the vorpal brand. This will increases the damage output of any given attack by 0-25% (12.5% on average). While there are more powerful brands out there, nothing resists this extra damage and it's better than wielding an unbranded weapon. The displayed brand name changes depending on the kind of weapon involved:

Alternatively, you can use this scroll to make some temporary brands permanent. This works for the flaming, freezing, draining, venom, chaos and electrocution brands. The first four can be acquired through reasonably common spells; the last two are more obscure, only appearing through cards and Xom effects.

Vorpalising a previously unbranded weapon carries no risk. However, if you are making a temporary brand permanent, you will always trigger a significant attack of the same brand (on your square only). Early players and those with low HP should thus refrain from use.

Attempting to affix unfixable brands also results in similar effects, some quite severe, with no benefit:


"Your [weapon] gives off a brilliant flash of light!"

The quote displayed when the scroll is read is an homage to the father of all rogue-likes, Rogue. There is an extremely rare scroll in Rogue that allows you to vorpalise your weapon with a random slaying brand, and, when read, your weapon gives off a flash of intense white light.


In 0.13 the scroll of vorpalize weapon was replaced with the scroll of brand weapon.