Sculpt Simulacrum

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Simulacrum.png Sculpt Simulacrum
Level 6
School1 Alchemy
School2 Ice
Source(s) Book of Ice
Book of the Tundra
Book of Winter
Casting noise 6
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 200
Range 1
Flags Dir or target, Needs tracer
Forms icy simulacra of an adjacent living, demonic, or holy creature. These fragile doppelgangers will take shape over a short period of time, eventually gaining the ability to move and attack the caster's enemies.

Sculpt Simulacrum is a level 6 Ice/Alchemy spell which creates multiple simulacra - frail, icy copies - from an adjacent monster. The simulacra take a few turns to form.

Useful Info

When used against a natural, demonic, or holy monster, it creates 2-3 blocks of ice. There is a power/200 chance to create 3 blocks, otherwise it creates 2.[1] These blocks of ice will turn into a simulacrum of the monster after a short delay. The first block of ice takes 3-5 turns to become a simulacrum.[2] Each block of ice thereafter takes 1-3 turns longer than the previous. If destroyed by an attack, no simulacra is created.

Simulacra are derived undead; their stats depend on which monster you cast Sculpt Simulacrum on. Generally, they are frail, but with strong cold attacks.

Simulacrum last for about 27 turns; spell power does not increase duration.

There is a cap of 5 simulacra. If this cap is reached, the oldest simulacra will be destroyed whenever a new one is formed.

This is not a Necromancy spell, so Gozag and Yredelemnul worshippers can use it without issue. However, the good gods still forbid its use.


Simulacra are glass cannons - strong but frail. The following are especially good/bad targets for Sculpt Simulacrum:

  • Monsters with multiple attacks. Since each attack gets its own - very large - cold damage boost, having multiple attacks is obviously powerful. Hydras, entropy weavers, and ettins are all fair game, assuming you can survive melee combat against them. The Lernaean hydra as a simulacrum can deal over 1000 damage per turn, but standing next to Lerny is too dangerous for most characters.
  • Monsters with constriction (snakes, tentacled monstrosities). Their simulacra can also constrict foes, making them good allies.
  • Conversely, avoid targeting physically deficient mages (such as occultists and magical deep elves), as you'll spend 6 MP to create pathetic simulacra.

Also, since simulacra deal cold damage, avoid using Sculpt Simulacrum if most/all monsters in a group are heavily resistant to cold.