List of reptiles and amphibians

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Version 0.24: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

While most adventurers dream of engaging in thrilling battle with dragons, the many reptiles and amphibians of the Dungeon are still fierce foes for the aspiring hero. While they don't have any breath weapons, their bites are usually dangerous, and many of them are comfortable swimming through water. Fortunately, they are all cold-blooded, making cold damage particularly useful for fighting them.

Lizard Types

l Frilled lizard.png Frilled lizard - One of the flimsiest opponents in the game, the only thing separating them from rats is their ability to swim.

l Leopard gecko.png Leopard gecko - Faster, tougher, and stronger than frilled lizards, they are among the most dangerous animals found on D:1.

l Iguana.png Iguana - These ill-tempered reptiles pack a bite worth keeping clear of.

t Crocodile.png Crocodile - Unimaginative biters which hang around the Lair.

l Basilisk.png Basilisk - Dreaded creatures of legend which petrify their prey with their gaze.

l Komodo dragon.png Komodo dragon - Oversized lizards with a particularly powerful bite.

t Alligator.png Alligator - These swamp-dwellers are capable of surprising speed and make short work of the poorly defended with their jaws and tail.

Turtle Types

t Snapping turtle.png Snapping turtle - Found in the Shoals, these creatures can stretch their necks to bite from a distance.

t Alligator snapping turtle.png Alligator snapping turtle - A significantly deadlier and more durable version of the snapping turtle.

Other Reptiles

l Wyvern.png Wyvern - Swift, winged reptiles that resemble dragonkind but are not truly draconic. They rely on their jaws instead of a breath weapon.

D Hydra.png Hydra - Many-headed reptilian horrors that have devoured countless incautious heroes -- as the saying goes, "Cut off one head, two more take its place..."

Unique Hydra

D The Lernaean hydra.png The Lernaean hydra - Adventurers seeking the Swamp's rune may instead find themselves facing 27 heads of gnashing fury.

Amphibian Types

F Bullfrog.png Bullfrog - Although fast, these oversized frogs are more often delicacies than dangers.

F Spiny frog.png Spiny frog - Their spikes are wickedly sharp, and the poison that laces them is no picnic either.

F Blink frog.png Blink frog - Interdimensional croakers who swarm and devour careless players while blinking incessantly.

Unique Amphibians

F Prince Ribbit.png Prince Ribbit - A human prince who was cursed to be a frog... and was also cursed to blink between dimensions? Regardless, he's got a vicious bite.

Retired Reptiles and Amphibians

t Baby alligator.png Baby alligator - Significantly less dangerous than their mama, though she was often found nearby.

F Giant toad.png Giant toad - Almost identical to a giant frog.

l Gila monster.png Gila monster - A large lizard with poisonous flesh.