Steam dragon armour

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

Name Steam dragon armour
Size to wear All
Armour Class 5
Encumbrance rating +0
GDR 24%
Maximum Enchantment +5
Grants rSteam
Time to Wear 5

Armour made from the scales of a steam-breathing dragon. Unlike the armour made from the scales of some larger dragons, it does not provide its wearer with much protection, but it is extremely light and supple.

Steam dragon armour is the lightest of the dragon armours, having an encumbrance rating of 0 (the same as a robe). Although rare, you can make a suit of this armour by using a scroll of enchant armour on a steam dragon hide.


It does give more AC than a robe, but usually, an armour such as a mottled dragon armour, troll leather armour, or if you can handle the spellcasting and EV hit, a fire dragon armour will be better. Steam resistance is virtually useless, and 5 base AC is not particularly impressive.


Like all dragon armour it was replaced by steam dragon scales, the hides removed completely in 0.19.

Steam dragon armour's AC was raised in version 0.10 from 4 to 5.

Hide Steam dragon hide.png
Armour Steam dragon armour.png
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