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Skill aptitudes

The lower the value, the better the aptitude.

Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude
Attack Miscellaneous Magic
Fighting {{{fgt}}} Armour {{{arm}}} Spellcasting {{{spc}}}
Short Blades {{{sbl}}} Dodging {{{ddg}}} Conjurations {{{coj}}}
Long Blades {{{lbl}}} Stealth {{{sth}}} Enchantments {{{enc}}}
Axes {{{axs}}} Stabbing {{{stb}}} Summonings {{{sum}}}
Maces & Flails {{{m&f}}} Shields {{{shd}}} Necromancy {{{nec}}}
Polearms {{{pla}}} Traps & Doors {{{t&d}}} Translocations {{{trl}}}
Staves {{{stv}}} Transmutation {{{trm}}}
Unarmed Combat {{{u_c}}} Invocations {{{inv}}} Divinations {{{div}}}
Evocations {{{evo}}}
Throwing {{{thr}}} Fire Magic {{{fir}}}
Slings {{{slg}}} Ice Magic {{{ice}}}
Bows {{{bws}}} Air Magic {{{air}}}
Crossbows {{{crb}}} Earth Magic {{{ear}}}
Darts {{{drt}}} Experience {{{exp}}} Poison Magic {{{poi}}}