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Version 0.30: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Aptitudes are a measure of how fast you can advance in a skill. Every species has separate aptitude rating for each skill, and the higher your aptitude, the less experience you will need to advance the skill in question. Aptitudes are rated from -5 to 9, with 0 being average; the higher over that you are for your main skills, the better. Aptitudes are determined by your species, though manuals increase an aptitude by +4 for a finite amount of training.

As a result, certain species are biased or specialized towards certain backgrounds. For example, Deep Elves perform much better at magical backgrounds than purely melee-oriented ones, while the reverse is true for Minotaurs. One of the keys to winning the game is paying attention to your species' aptitudes, and choosing a playstyle that takes the most advantage of them. Luckily, the character select screen helps you with that, as backgrounds that your species has good aptitudes for are highlighted as "recommended".

Press ?% in-game to see the big table of races and aptitudes, or check each each species' individual pages on the wiki.

Comparison Table

The table below shows the relative experience needed to go up a skill level, assuming that with the aptitude of 0, 100 experience is needed. For example an aptitude of -4 means 200 experience is required to go up a skill level, or twice as much as aptitude 0.

Aptitude Skill Points Description
-5 (238) abysmal aptitude
-4 (200) very poor aptitude
-3 (168) poor aptitude
-2 (141) bad aptitude
-1 (119) slightly disfavoured aptitude
0 (100) standard aptitude
+1 (84) slightly favoured aptitude
+2 (71) strong aptitude
+3 (59) very strong aptitude
+4 (50) outstanding aptitude
+5 (42) exceptional aptitude

Occasionally an aptitude may be listed as "NA". This means that the species is unable to learn or use that skill entirely; Felids are unable to wear Armour, for example.

Aptitude / XP formula

If you're interested in the actual math, an aptitude of n means that you need 2^(-n/4) times as much exp to advance as a character with an aptitude of 0.

Notably, this means that every interval of +4 aptitude means half/twice as much experience. A +1 aptitude requires half as much experience as a -3 aptitude, for example.

Example: A Vampire has a +4 aptitude in Hexes, while a human has an aptitude of 0 in that skill. If it would take a Human 100 experience points to advance a level in Hexes, it will take the Vampire 2^(-4/4) -> 2^(-1) -> 0.5 times as much experience, or 50 experience points to advance a level.


The table below shows the average aptitudes of all currently playable species except Gnoll. Of the Draconian variants, only base Draconian is included.

Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude
Attack Miscellaneous Magic
Fighting 0.231 Armour -0.565 Spellcasting -0.808
Short Blades -0.040 Dodging -0.038 Conjurations -0.600
Long Blades -0.280 Stealth 1.269 Hexes -0.040
Maces & Flails -0.560 Shields -0.200 Summonings -0.400
Axes -0.520 Necromancy -0.320
Polearms -0.520 Invocations 0.640 Translocations -0.400
Staves -0.520 Evocations -0.038 Transmutations -0.240
Unarmed Combat -0.038
Experience -0.231 Fire Magic -0.640
Throwing -0.520 Ice Magic -0.440
Ranged Weapons -0.640 Air Magic -0.760
Earth Magic -0.320
Poison Magic -0.040


  • Prior to 0.7.0, aptitudes were expressed in numbers smaller or larger than 100 (average), as in the Skill Points table above.