Tome of Destruction

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type Book
Name Tome of Destruction
An extremely powerful but unpredictable book of wild magic. Warning: Reading may be hazardous to you or your surroundings!

“On leaf of palm, on sedge-wrought roll;
On plastic clay and leathern scroll,
Man wrote his thoughts; the ages passed,
And lo! the Press was found at last!”
-John Greenleaf Whittier, _The Library_, st. 4.

A Tome of Destruction is an unreliable evocable book which creates a wide variety of magical effects. When read, it opens to a page with randomly colored text or code, and then causes one of the following effects to occur:

  • (14%) A cloud of harmless smoke centered on you is created.
  • (4%) As above, but poison.
  • (5%) As above, but cold.
  • (7%) You are engulfed in a fiery explosion. The Tome of Destruction may be destroyed (20% chance).
  • (3%) A hostile small abomination is summoned.
  • 67% You cast a random spell.

In the event a spell is cast, it is chosen by rolling 1d23 + 1d(Evocation/3):

Spell power (used mainly to determine accuracy and damage) is equal to 5 + Evocations + 5d(Evocations), making it potentially much more powerful than rods or wands. The Tome of Destruction cannot be read while silenced, and the Blurry Vision mutation gives you a 25% chance of failure per rank. Unidentified, it displays as an "ancient heavily glowing book."


If you are poison resistant, fire/cold resistant, can handle an abomination or two, and don't mind losing a few potions, the Tome of Destruction can provide a decent ranged attack. Of course, if you meet all those conditions, you probably have a few ranged attacks already. The only characters who might find this useful are Xom's playthings, as the mad god is very amused by any explosions or hostile abominations the book may accidentally summon.


The Tome of Destruction was removed in 0.16.

Prior to 0.13, the Tome of Destruction contained Cigotuvi's Degeneration in place of Dazzling Spray.