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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Name Troll hide
Size to wear all
Armour Class 2
Encumbrance rating -4
Maximum Enchantment +0
Grants regeneration
Time to Wear 5

The stiff and knobbly hide of a troll, with magical regenerative properties. It may be turned into armour by magical means.

"THE TROLL KING: Now, listen, Prince Peer, and give way to reason!
You're cut out for a troll. Why, look, already
You bear yourself quite in a troll-like fashion!
And you want to become one, don't you?
PEER GYNT: Of course.
In return for a bride and a well-found kingdom
I'm not unwilling to sacrifice something;
But all things have a natural limit.
I have taken a tail, it is true; but, then,
I can undo the knots that our friend has tied
And take the thing off. I have shed my breeches;
They were old and patched; but that won't prevent me
From putting them on if I have a mind to.
I shall probably find it just as easy
To deal with your Trollish way of living.
I can easily swear that a cow's a maiden;
An oath's not a difficult thing to swallow.
But to know that one never can get one's freedom –
Not even to die as a human being –
To end one's days as a Troll of the mountains –
Never go back, as you tell me plainly –
That is a thing that I'll not submit to."

-Henrik Ibsen, _Peer Gynt_. 1867.

Butchering a troll corpse may produce a troll hide. This "armour" increases your regeneration rate by +40, but only provides the AC of a robe and has an encumbrance rating, making it a rather poor item defensively. However, you can transform it into a far superior troll leather armour by using a scroll of enchant armour on it. This provides the same boost to regeneration, but with a much better AC.

Deep dwarves, trolls, and bloodless vampires receive no regenerative benefits while wearing this armour.

Hide Troll hide.png
Armour Troll leather armour.png

Tips & Tricks

Butchering Purgy or Snorg may produce a named troll hide, but this has no impact on actual gameplay.


In 0.19, troll hide was removed along with several other hides.

Prior to 0.14, troll hides only increased your regeneration rate by +30.

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