Amulet of guardian spirit

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Version 0.23: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Type Jewellery
Name Amulet of guardian spirit
Icon Amulet of guardian spirit.png
An amulet containing a protective spirit which will cause any damage taken to be divided between the wearer's reserves of health and magic.

Wearing an amulet of guardian spirit links your HP and MP, causing all damage you take to be split proportionally between your HP and MP pools, as per the spirit shield ego.

Equipping this amulet will immediately set your MP to zero.


  • Vine Stalkers have this amulet's effect as an innate ability, and do not further benefit from wearing one. Since this amulet links with health, deep dwarves will stop regenerating their mana until they remove it again.
  • This amulet is best suited for berserkers and other characters who do not use much (or any) MP. It is a risky choice for spellcasters, who will find themselves low on MP exactly when they need it most.
  • If you plan to wear this amulet long-term, consider training your Spellcasting, Invocations, or Evocations ability to increase your mana pool and give you some additional durability. Training Spellcasting will grant you the most MP, but training Invocations or Evocations may or may not be more practical options depending on your character specs and/or skill aptitudes.
  • When combined with some sort of channeling ability, it can serve as a limited form of on-demand healing. This is great for mummies or lichform casters, who can channel constantly without feeling hunger, and is worth considering for spellcasters in chunk-rich areas.
  • Deep elves and felids have low enough HP that they can be one-shotted by Lehudib's Crystal Spear and similar dangers. Losing a large chunk of your MP from a hard hit is still preferable to losing all your HP. Bear in mind that if your HP is low enough, even a full MP pool will still do you no good, as some damage will always get through to your HP.
  • Remember to re-assess the priority for killing magic point draining monsters (such as the eye of draining or ghost moth) while wearing this amulet, as their ability to drain your MP is often rapid and irresistible.


Prior to 0.10, the amulet used only MP to shield the wearer, making it less useful for casters.

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